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Parents' Evening Appointments

Bookings for Autumn appointments are now closed.

Week Beginning 9th October 2017


This term we are continuing our online only booking system for appointments (currently powered by new Doodle).

There is a 10 minute slot available for each child/family in every class.
How do I book my appointments?


  1. Click on the link below to take you to the correct class for your child.
  2. Add your child's first and surname as the next entry at the bottom of the list.  Please do not enter your name.
  3. Select an appointment for either day.  Only available appointments will be bookable.
  4. Scroll to the right hand side of the page and click "save".  Comments may be added if these are helpful.


You should receive an on-screen message saying that you appointment has been booked.

As the public system is anonymous for safeguarding purposes, please make a note of your choice.

Then repeat the process for each of your children, making sure you use the correct class page.
Appointment Booking by class:
  • Nursery - Mrs. Lisle (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Reception - Mrs. Varty (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Class 1 - Mrs. Connolly (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Class 2 - Mrs. Gibson (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Class 3 - Mrs. Mitchell (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Class 4 - Mrs. Marshall (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Class 5 - Mr. Arnott (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Class 6 - Miss Orr (Monday and Wednesday)

Bookings for Autumn appointments are now closed.