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Regular Homework

Friday 18th September 


* Our new class story is The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. We have really enjoyed listening to the story this week, and have talked about how each colour is linked to different feelings-e.g., happy, sad, angry. 

Please can you listen to the story together, using the Youtube link below. Can your child talk about each feeling? You may like to share times when you feel happy, sad, angry. 


* Phonics-we have been listening to and saying sounds in simple words-e.g., cat, dog, hat. Please pick one or two activities to complete at home from the Blending and Segmenting sheet below. 


* Maths-We have been looking at numbers 1-5 in greater depth, using the Numberblocks Cbeebies program. Click on the link below to access games on the Cbeebies website to help your child to recognise the characters. You may even like to watch some episodes, too :-) 


Have a lovely weekend. 

Blending and Segmenting

The Colour Monster -

The Colour Monster - by Anna Llenas.

Friday 25th September 


* This week we met our own class Colour Monster and decided that we should help him to sort out his 'Mixed Up' feelings. Our first 'feeling of the week' was love. We talked about who we love in our family and why 'love' is important. For homework this week I would like our Reception boys and girls to do something kind and helpful for someone that they love. Parents, you may want to talk about how this kind act made them feel afterwards. 


* In phonics, we have been continuing to hear and say sounds in words and have been practising counting sounds in simple, regular words (such as cat and dog). Please can you choose another activity from the 'Oral Blending and Segmenting' EY sheet attached for last week's homework? You may find it helpful to look at the Parent's Guide web link below. The more practice your child has, the more confident they will become with their reading. 


*In maths, we have been recognising sets of 5 objects. As an extension, we have been identifying sets of 5 without counting each object. Please can you complete the scavenger hunt-instructions are attached. You wont need to print anything to complete this. 


Have a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoy the activities 


Mrs Varty 



Friday 2nd October 


* Your child will be excited to show you their first reading book! Miss Wilson and I have really enjoyed sharing these books with all of Reception this week :-) Please can you find time over the weekend to share your child's reading book with them? Encourage them to look at the pictures and talk about the story. If there are any simple, regular words can you try to help your child to sound them out. Please write a brief comment or sign the reading diary once you have shared the book together. 

Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Thursday. Miss Wilson and I hear all children read individually every week.


* In maths we have been sorting buttons and have created our own sorting categories-such as size, colour, shape. Please can you involve your child in sorting washing-eg socks into pairs, gloves, sorting sizes of clothes. 


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Varty  

Friday 9th October 


What a busy week in Reception! I hope you are all enjoying seeing the photographs of your children on the Tapestry app. Don't forget to check your emails if you haven't been able to have access. 

Here is the homework for this week..... 


* In phonics we have been learning s/a/t/p and have been finding objects and have thought of words with this sound at the beginning-e.g S snake, P pig. Please can you go on a sound hunt? Find objects in your house that begin with these sounds. You may even like to write these sounds on paper. We are using Read Write Inc letter formation to support our writing. I have uploaded pictures of our letter cards which you may like to use to help you. 



slither down the snake
around the apple, up, down the leaf.
down the tower, across the tower

In maths, we have been learning how to subitize-recognising how many items are in a set without counting. We love joining in with the Jack Hartmann Subitize up to 5 song (link below)  You may like to share the song together over the weekend. Can you say the number in the set before it appears on the screen? 


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Varty 

Subitize Up To 5 (soo-bi-tize) | Math Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann's website: Remember to connect with Jack Hartmann on his Social Networks: Facebook: Pinterest...

Friday 16th October 


This week the children have found lots of interesting leaves in our outdoor area. We have started to talk about the change of season and we are planning to do lots of lovely autumnal activities next week. 

*For homework, please could you go on an autumnal walk over the weekend?

You may like to look for conkers to count. You may also like to collect some leaves to look at. Can you count the leaves and sort them into different categories? (linking to our work in maths). Perhaps you could make your own leaf picture if you are feeling creative :-) Please can you upload a photograph of your walk and any activities you have completed onto Tapestry so we can share them and discuss them with the children. 


* In English we will be sharing the story Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. I have uploaded a link below to a Youtube read aloud version for you to share at home.  


Have a wonderful weekend 


Mrs Varty 




Leaf Man

Friday 23rd October


There will be no homework set over the half term. However, today the children enjoyed listening to the song 'A Wonderful World' so I have uploaded the link below if you would like to share it. Please feel free to upload any photos onto Tapestry as we are really enjoying seeing how much the children are learning out of school.  


Miss Wilson and I would like to say how proud we are of all of our Reception children for settling so well into school. 

Have a lovely break. 

Mrs Varty 

What A Wonderful World - Tim Hopgood.