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IM Home Access

Please note that our IM Home access is coming to an end in July 2020.


IM Home is our school's access for parents to see how their children are getting on in school.  It provides secure, personal access to an up-to-date overview of the current curriculum, the latest assessment information and a growing portfolio of examples of work.


If you have a child in our school and you wish to gain access, please contact the Senior Leadership who will provide you with a secure access code.

IM Home @ St. Bart’s – Terms of Use


IM Home, hosted by InfoMentor UK on behalf of our school, is a tool which allows access to school-held information relating to pupils currently on roll at St. Bart’s.  As such, the information held is sensitive and confidential to the school and families of each child.  Access to this information must be limited to those who have the right to see it, whilst maintaining the responsibility of using the privilege appropriately.  Any misuse of the system could result in the termination of access, at the discretion of the Headteacher.


By using the system, you agree to the following:


  • I will keep all information confidential between my immediate family and school
  • I understand that this is a developing system that may change over time and that historic information, recorded before March 2017, may not be completely accurate due to the nature of testing the system and the trial period
  • I agree to use the information for constructive conversations about learning and progress
  • I will report any issues, worries or concerns directly to the Senior Leadership of the school i.e. the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher


IM Home
(in accessing the system you agree to the above terms of use.)
Request access for registration here.

Complete initial registration here. (You will need your invite code and an agreed email address.)


IMPORTANT: If you are registering for more than one child, click "Link Account" for the second or third child rather than trying to create a new account again!