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Out of hours and extra provision

Breakfast Club


Each morning we offer a Breakfast Club for those families who would like to use it.  The club runs from 8am until 8:55am and the children are given breakfast and can play games, draw and have some general fun before the beginning of school.  The current cost is £3.50 per day, payable on or soon after the day, at the school office.  This covers all food, staffing and running costs.  Those families who are entitled to Free School Meals (not universal free school meals) do not need ot pay as the cost is covered by the school's use of its Pupil Premium budget.


Other settings


At St. Bart's we aim to offer as much as we can ourselves but we also work in partnership with other settings to provide our families with a set of flexible options.  This includes regular pre- and after-school care.  Below are the contact details of those locally known to us who have had regular contact with school.  We strongly recommend that families contact the named person directly to see what can be offered:



Setting Contact Name Contact Details

Benton Dene Out of School Club

(Before and after school)

Julie Jennings 0191 643 2743
Childminder Lisa Anderson 07769 209 598
Childminder Fiona Gray 07905 843 881
Childminder Shirley Martin 07906 589 301
Childminder Lynn Potter 07906 068 090
Childminder Susan Walker 07891 730 806
We have worked in partnerships with these other settings for a number of years.  Alongside our own Nursery, together we can provide a flexible 30 hour provision for those parents who are eligible.  Get in touch is you would like to find out more.