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Week 9

Monday 8th March

This week we will be revising quadrilaterals.

Quadrilateral revision

Read this interesting document about your digital footprint, it will help you with tomorrow's task.

Tuesday 9th March

Quadrilaterals 2

I would like you to design an internet safety video for kids. Use the story board to plan out your video. Those with imovie may even want to make their videos. Have a look the examples on the website for inspiration.

Storyboard template

Wednesday 10th March

Sort these cards into a positive pile and a negative pile

Thursday 11th March

Complete these reasoning questions then mark them to see how you did

Think about each situation and write down how you should respond

Friday 12th March
Complete a times 13 x 13 grid then play 'Hit the button' or 'Times Table Rock Stars'.

Colour the answers