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Week beginning 18.10.21

Try these long division calculations:

123 divided by 6

345 divided by 7

754 divided by 9

567 divided by 34

882 divided by 67

283 divided by 19

465 divided by 67

1234 divided by 21

867 divided by 32


Try these long multiplication calculations:

234 x 45

765 x 87

123 x 73

298 x 19

345 x 45

1827 x 4

1823 x 67

8275 x 68


Identify these shapes and their properties:

Subtraction word problems

Use Times Table Rock Stars to practise your tables facts!

Draw out and complete a 13 x 13 times table grid and time yourself.

Do some reading every day. Write a character description of your favourite character. Use Adjectives and well chosen vocabulary.

Use Mr Tom if you are stuck!​​​​​​​

Carry on your evacuation story from where you left off. What happens when they get to their new house? Are they treated well? Do they start school and meet new friends?

Don't forget to make it historically accurate and use good description. Don't forget punctuation!

Complete this reading comprehension

Have a go at this SPaG test

Look at the year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling sheet and practise them. Choose a few each day.

These sheets might help