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Our Governors

The Governing Body are responsible for the strategic running of the school.

This is achieved by:

  • setting school-wide aims and objectives
  • setting policies and targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • monitoring and evaluating progress towards achieving the aims and objectives
  • acting as a 'critical friend' to the Headteacher

Governing Body's Annual Statement for 2016-17:


(This statement is reviewed each October following final review of the School Improvement Plan.)


The issues faced and addressed by the Governing Body over the last year were:

  • strategic staffing deployment
  • development of new staff and governors
  • further investment in Early Years outdoor area
  • introduction of parental access to planning and assessment system (IM Home)


The impact of the Governing Body on the school continues to be positive.  The recent appointment of new Governors, a SENDCo and Early Years Lead all strengthen and support the leadership within school.  Redeployment of some staff has also widened the key leadership positions and developed teachers' important knowledge and understanding of the new national expectations.  The Early Years outdoor area has received investment to improve access to the full space and allow for wider curriculum use by all children.  As our curriculum and assessment tools develop, IM Home has been successfully trialed with some parents and is now being rolled out across the school.

Current Governors:

    Category Term of Office

Relevant personal, educational, business, pecuniary

and indirect interests

Chair Rev. Martin Lee Foundation
Ex Officio
Forest Hall Primary School
Co-opted Governor)
6/6 4/4
Vice Chair Mr. Tim Gittins Foundation 23/09/2016-
  3/6 2/4
Treasurer Mr. Doug Kay Foundation 23/09/2016-
  1/6 2/4
  Mrs. Claire Francis Foundation 17/01/2017-
  6/6 4/4
  Mrs. Julia Whitfield Foundation 17/03/2015-
  4/6 4/4
  Ms. Susan Bentley Foundation 17/03/2015-
  6/6 3/4
  Mr. Gary Richardson Foundation 17/01/2017-
  0/4 2/4
  Mrs. Joanne Atherton Local Authority 17/01/2017-
Headteacher in South Tyneside 3/6 1/4
  Mrs. Louise Scott Parent
  6/6 4/4
  Vacancy Parent
n/a   n/a n/a
  Mr. Les Birkenfield Foundation


  4/5 2/4
  Mrs. Jeanette Cook Teacher
  3/6 0/4
  Mrs. Pam Laggan Co-opted 29/09/2015-
  6/6 4/4
  Mr. Richard Restall Headteacher   Newcastle Diocesan Education Board 6/6 4/4
  Mrs. Kate Whitaker DHT/Observer     n/a n/a
  Marie Sharman Clerk to the
Governing Body
    n/a n/a


Governors who have stepped down within previous 12 months:


Committee Membership:

Finance/Premises/Health & Safety Committee

Mr D Kay (Chair)
Mr T Gittins

Mrs P Laggan
Mrs C Francis
Miss S Bentley

Appeals Committee

Mr D Kay
Reverend M Lee  (Chair)
Mr L Birkenfield
Mrs J Whitfield 


Hearings Committee

Mr T Gittins  (Chair)
Mrs J Atherton
Mrs C Francis


Curriculum Committee

Mrs J Atherton
Mr D Kay
Reverend M Lee  (Chair)
Mrs. Whitaker (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs J Cook
Mr G Richardson

Mrs. Scott


Admissions Committee

Mr T Gittins (Chair)
Reverend M Lee

Staffing Sub Committee

Reverend M Lee*

Mr D Kay  (Chair)
Mr L Birkenfield 
Mr T Gittins* (for recruitment purposes only)
Mrs J Whitfield

Mrs. Scott

* Completed Safer Recruitment Training

Performance Management Committee

Mrs C Francis
Mr T Gittins
Reverend M Lee


Governors with Specific Responsibility:

Chair: Rev. M Lee 
Vice Chair: Mr. T Gittins 
Treasurer: Mr. D Kay
SEND/Pupil Premium Governor: Mrs. L. Scott
English Governor: Mr. G Richardson
Maths Governor: Mrs. C Francis 
Health and Safety: Mr. D Kay
Child Protection (including Looked After Children): Mr. T Gittins
Racial Equality: Headteacher 
Food in Schools: Mr. L Birkenfield 
PSHCE: Rev. M Lee 
Computing and IT: Mr. D Kay 
Science: Mrs. J Whitfield
RE: Reverend M Lee
EYFS: Miss S Bentley
More Able and Talented: Mr. D Kay 
Curriculum: Mrs. J Atherton
Pupil Progress: Mrs. C Francis
Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural: Rev. M Lee