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Today we are revising long multiplication

234 x 45

654 x 65

123 x 86

1234 x 87

9876 x 56

765 x 4

2354 x 78

See how quickly you can recall these facts

Easter booklet

French number revision

French numbers 1-100 (Learn French With Alexa)

Alexa Polidoro, from, simply says all the French numbers from one to one hundred... Click the JOIN BUTTON to get this video'...


Maths starter

Find these words in the word search and practise spelling them

Let's revise french colours

Painting together | French - Virtually There: France

Complete these anagrams

Try this reading comprehension


Easter maths challenge

Pizza party with friends | French - Virtually There: France


Match these French foods

This is the card we are making today!

Easy Pop Up Chick Card - 3D Easter Card DIY - Cute & Easy

Easy Pop Up Chick Card

We are also taking part in the 'Great Egg Drop!'

The challenge is to make an egg safe, so when dropped from a height, it won't break. The children can use any materials they can find and we will be dropping them from the balcony at school. Why don't you have a go?

Have a go at decorating these eggs. Make sure they are symmetrical.

Maths problems