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Welcome to Class 2!

We had a fantastic time on our trip to the Rising Sun Country Park. We began our day with pond dipping and found some interesting creatures. We then made some of the creatures we found using nature art. After lunch we went down into the quarry and collected some minibeasts. Finally we made our own micro habitats and released our minibeasts into their new homes. 

Making nature minibeast sculptures

The children enjoyed an end of year ice cream treat!

Please can all library books be brought back ASAP.

We have been loving playing magic number as a maths warm up! See how many different ways you can make 15 using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!

Exploring features of a blurb in English.

In Maths, we have been exploring position and direction. Today we went outside and guided the bees back to their hives by giving directional instructions!

We went on the school field and to the pond area on a mini beast hunt! We found a ladybug, fly, moth, worm, snail, ant, woodlouse, black beetle, bee and wasp!

Year 2 had a fantastic morning at the Newcastle Foundation participating in their Multi-Skills Festival. They had a go at a range of activities including football, basketball, hockey, tennis and rugby.

In Science we are conducting an experiment to find out which conditions are best for growing a seed. Today we went over to the pond to plant four different seeds. Pot 1 will be watered and in sunlight, pot 2 will be not be watered and in sunlight, pot 3 will be watered with no sunlight and pot 4 will not be watered or be in sunlight. We made our predictions as to what will happen to each seed and are looking forward to the results!

Exploring lines of symmetry in maths.

Dodgeball in the sun.

Rehearsals for our class performance have begun!

Safety Seymour

We started our session by watching this informative video

In Maths we have been exploring fractions! Today we had a go at finding a third of an amount by sharing into three groups.

We finished our Geography unit on Kenya in style by going on safari! We began by creating a plane in our classroom and handed our passports over at security. Once we endured the 8 hour flight to Kenya we went on safari! We found lots of different animals including Africa's Big 5!

We love reading for pleasure in lots of different places in the classroom!

We launched our Guinea Pig project this week and created a two-page spread with all of the facts that we know. Bruno and Miggy came along to check that our facts were correct!

Learning all about Eid from one our classmates!

Our new topic in Science is plants! This week we went outside and took some photographs of the plants in our school yard.

In Geography we have been exploring a contrasting non-European country. We chose to focus on the country Kenya and were able to locate it on a map of Africa. We explored some African artefacts, made passports, coloured in flags and created our first two page spread! Don't they look incredible!

We have been learning the story 'Petit Monstre Bleu' in French. We played a game where we had to roll the dice and then put the corresponding facial feature on the monster. If we didn’t say the word in French, it didn’t count!

Making Easter cards with a moving part in DT

"Little Boat" by Nelson Boles | Disney Favorite

In English, we watched this short animation and talked about the adventure that the boat embarks on.
We then had a go at writing from the boats perspective and used a range of story writing techniques to engage the reader.

Measuring and comparing lengths and heights... recording on tables is way more fun!

On a Tuesday afternoon, it is our responsibility to visit Bruno and Miggy and make sure that they have enough food and water. This week we all went to meet them and the first group did an excellent job at cleaning their room, topping up their food and water and giving them some playtime in their run.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Maths Day 2023- We got into teams and participated in a maths scavenger hunt outside! Team 'Fast Club' were the winners!

This half term, the children will be developing their bat and ball skills in PE with Mr Hitchings.

Today we found out about the life of Emilia Earheart and her great flight from Canada to Ireland. We talked about how a plane is able to fly and then had a go at making our own aerodynamic paper planes. We tried different throws to adjust the force and also folded our planes in different ways to see if it made a difference to how far they flew.

On World Book Day we followed a recipe to make our own marvellous medicine!

World Book Day 2023

In Science we continued exploring the suitability of materials. We used our findings from last weeks floating and sinking experiment to make our own boats. We then tested the boats on water to see if an animal would stay dry on it.

In Art, we followed our design from last week to create our own Grandad's Island shack on the watercolour background we painted.

In Maths we have been making equal groups of objects to learn how to multiply numbers.

We became performers and acted out The Gruffalo during a Helicopter Stories session.

We have been learning lots of new skills in gymnastics!

On Friday we talked about Luna New Year. We found out that the celebrations begin this Sunday (22.01.23) and that they last for 15 days. We watched some videos of the celebrations from last year in Newcastle's China Town, we loved the dragon. We also found out that this year is the year of the Rabbit and so created some art work inspired by this. We used a stippling technique with the paint to leave behind a silhouette of a rabbit.  

Revealing the rabbit silhouette

Still image for this video

The snow didn't stop our football lesson!

We have had a fantastic first week together in Year 2! The children have blown me away with their amazing attitude to learning and determination to succeed. Here are a few pictures of our very busy week.

Keeping the beat in music with Miss West

Still image for this video

Our "Great Fire of London"

Still image for this video

We had lots of fun with Star Strike Soccer!

Class 2 love to explore the pond! We even found a frog!

Florence Nightingale came to visit us. We asked her lots of different questions.

We had lots of fun exploring the objects belonging to Florence Nightingale.