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Regular Homework

Welcome to our homework section.

This is where homework will be set each week. There is no need to send anything into school but feel free to let me know how you have got on with tasks by writing a message in the diary. 

Mrs Connolly

Friday 18th September 2020.


Your child has come home with a 100 square in their bookbags today, I would like them to practise recognising as many numbers to 100 as possible. You could then play games by covering a number up and then the child has to tell you what number would be underneath.

They also have a 100 square with some numbers missing, their task is to use your large 100 square to fill in the gaps. 


Below are the common exception words for Year One.

Please practise reading these with your child as often as possible. Some of these words can be sounded out and some the children will need to read by sight.


Friday 25th September 2020.


Your child has come home with a log in code for a maths website called 'Numbots. The code is stuck in the notes section of their home school diary at the back in the notes section.

I would like you to log on to the website using the link below, create a character and then work your way through the levels of story mode section.


Your child has come home with a list of red words. These words are sight words we use during our phonics lessons.

I would like you to see which words your child knows and then ask your child to verbally create a sentence that contains one of these words. Once your child has managed that you could then together attempt to write their sentence using their phonics sounds. 

Friday 2nd October 2020.


Your child has come home with a bookmark that contains questions to support reading at home. Please use the questions to develop your child's comprehension of the school texts they are currently reading.  



Task 1- Practise counting forwards from 1-20. Then practise counting backwards from 20-0. Once your child has mastered this task practise counting on from a given number, for example you say the number 12 they would then say 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.


Task 2-Play a game using a dice. Can your child count the spots on the dice accurately? Can they then begin to recognise the dice patterns without counting?


Can you find things in your house/garden that begin with every letter of the alphabet? However, they must all fit on a dinner plate!





Friday 9th October 2020.


Your child has brought a phonics sound mat home tonight. Please can you check which sounds they know and practise the others. I have also given them a picture with bricks on, when your child recognises each sound they can colour that sound brick in and over time complete the picture. 

Once your child can read the sounds, can they write the sounds when you say each sound?

When your child knows all their sounds they can use these to write short sentences phonetically.



Task 1- Your child has come home with a laminated card with rhymes to support the formation of numerals. Please could you ask your child to write their numbers from 0-9 and then practise any they are unsure of or write in reverse.

Task 2-We have been looking at 1 more than and 1 less than this week. Using the 100 square your child came home with a few weeks ago select a number and ask them what 1 more than that number is and 1 less than that number. You might want to start with numbers to 10 first then build it up gradually to 20 and then up to 100. 


Friday 16th October 2020. 


This week we have been looking at the maths vocabulary 'greater than', 'less than'  and 'equal to'. Your child has two sheets in their bags to complete one with objects and one with numbers. 

We explain to the children that the symbol represents a crocodile mouth and the crocodile opens it's mouth and eats the biggest number. 

Below is a link to some slides that explain this idea.


Your child has come home with a sheet to practise some tricky words from our phonics lessons, these words are I, no, go, to, the and into. Once your child has mastered these spellings you might want to try a few from the list below.



Friday 23rd October 2020.

Your children have worked so hard over the past 8 weeks.

No homework will be set this week. 

Have a super half term holiday!