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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! We have got an exciting term learning all about the Ancient Egyptians! What can you find out to share in our lessons? In our English lessons, we are also reading a Flat Stanley book, "Flat Stanley and the great Egyptian grave robbery."

Each week, a copy of the homework will be posted here!

Homework 9.9.21

Homework 16.9.21

Class 3 have been learning about mummification in Ancient Egypt.  We had a little bit of fun turning each other into pretend mummies!

Homework 23.9.21

Homework 30.9.21

Homework 7.10.21

We have been finding out about the geography of Africa.  Did you know there were 54 countries in Africa and Egypt is one of them!

Homework 14.10.21

During our Ancient Egyptian topic, we have been learning all about Pyramids, Pharaohs and much more! We even had a visit from Tutankhamun!

Homework 4.11.21

Homework 11.11.21

The Ancient Egyptians wore very elaborate jewellery.  We designed and made our own Ancient Egyptian necklaces! What do you think?

Homework 18.11.21

Homework 25.11.21

Homework 2.12.21

Home Learning tasks

We have started a new History topic.  We have been thinking what the word prehistoric means.  Have a look at these tasks and write your ideas down!

Homework 13.1.22

Remember to use "Timestables Rock Stars" to practise your tables!

Click on the link below:


Times Tables Rockstars


Homework 20.1.22

Homework 27.1.22

We have been enjoying reading "The Twits" this term.  Roald Dahl's book has inspired us in our writing.  We have created our own 'tricks' that the Twits could play on each other and weaved them into our writing.

In our History lessons, we have been learning about The Stone Age. From stone age tools, to stone age houses, our research has helped us write all about these topics.

The Stone Age has inspired our Art and we have produced some of our own "cave art". What do you think?

Homework 3.2.22

Homework 3.3.22

Class 3 have been learning all about Stonehenge.  We have been asking questions such as, 'where is it?' 'why was it built?' 'who built it?' 'when was it built?'

We also made small miniature Stonehenges!

Homework 10.3.22

Homework 24.3.22