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Home Learning and Lexia please! :) 

Week beginning 15th March

Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th

Please continue with Times Table Rockstars, and Lexia.

Also, try these:

Please research the footballer 'Pele'. Find out where he was from and information about his career. Write a few paragraphs at least.

Practise these:

Week beg. 24.1.22

Practise this spelling rule. Use the words in sentences

Have a go at these measurement questions

Week Beginning 17.1.21

If you are at home, please complete any work on the page below that you haven't done. Try and do a mixture of Maths, English and other subjects too!


SATs questions - perimeter

Wednesday and Thursday

Week beginning 10.1.22

This week we will be leaning about measures. Use your knowledge of how to multiply and divide by 1000 (moving three spaces along the number line right or left) to answer these questions

Top 10 Best Footballers In The World 2022

Watch this video and create a fact file about your favourite footballer. Google search to find any important ifo that the video doesn't give you. Find the country they come from on a world map.

Use this to give you some ideas.....

Pick a country in the world to research and study. Here is a template you could use to record what you find. Feel free to record the info in a different way if you wish...

Please have a go at Lexia and 

Try this arithmetic practise

Try this reading comprehension

Here are today's worksheets. Hope you're all ok!

Maths - changing ml to l and vice versa.......There are 1000ml in a l

Following on from our work in Geography, try these:

We all need to practise our spelling. Have a go at these games. You don't have to have an account for the single player option!

How to draw... a footballer ⚽️

Have a go and bring them back to school to display on our topic wall!

Read this short story and write then continue it to tell the reader what happens next. Remember to use well chosen vocabulary and a range of punctuation. Add some fronted adverbials too.......

Today we are moving onto mm,cm,m and km. Remember: 10mm = 1cm 100cm = 1m 1000m = 1km

Times table colouring sheets

Have a look through this pack - the grammar sheets will be good practise.....

Have a go at these past SATs questions based on measurement.

Animals of Africa - David Attenborough - HD Documentary

Following on from our work on continents, watch this programme about the animals of Africa.

Try this arithmetic paper

Use this test to practise your skimming and scanning

Try these long division calculations:

123 divided by 6

345 divided by 7

754 divided by 9

567 divided by 34

882 divided by 67

283 divided by 19

465 divided by 67

1234 divided by 21

867 divided by 32


Try these long multiplication calculations:

234 x 45

765 x 87

123 x 73

298 x 19

345 x 45

1827 x 4

1823 x 67

8275 x 68


Identify these shapes and their properties:

Subtraction word problems

Use Times Table Rock Stars to practise your tables facts!

Draw out and complete a 13 x 13 times table grid and time yourself.

Do some reading every day. Write a character description of your favourite character. Use Adjectives and well chosen vocabulary.

Use Mr Tom if you are stuck!​​​​​​​

Carry on your evacuation story from where you left off. What happens when they get to their new house? Are they treated well? Do they start school and meet new friends?

Don't forget to make it historically accurate and use good description. Don't forget punctuation!

Complete this reading comprehension

Have a go at this SPaG test

Look at the year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling sheet and practise them. Choose a few each day.

These sheets might help