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Week 2

Monday 11th January 2021


Good morning Year 4. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and had a well deserved rest after a long week of hard work. Here is today's lessons.


Times Tables


Keep practising your times tables at home using either Numbots or Times Table Rockstars. Here is a reminder of the links:



Please watch the three videos below about fractions and then have a go at the worksheets below the videos. 

Monday's maths lesson on fractions.

Still image for this video
Explanation about the numerator and denominator of a fraction.

Maths demonstration for Monday.

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Watch this video before having a go at the varied fluency questions.

Worksheet: Fractions

Don't worry if you don't have access to a printer to print the worksheet out. You can draw the shapes on a piece of paper and shade in the fractions. 

Maths Extensions.

Unit Fractions

To clarify, a. unit fraction is any fraction with 1 as its numerator (top number).


Non-unit Fractions

A non-unit fraction is many parts of a whole that is divided into equal parts. A non-unit fraction has a numerator that isn't 1.


Following on from Friday's mind map activity, I would like you all do a character study comparison between Mr Stink and Chloe. Please have a watch of the explanation video below. 


This is how you might lay your comparison out. 

Science 11.01.21

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Tuesday 12th January 2021


Here is today's Maths class 4. Have a go at these questions. For the first one, you have to match the different representations. For example 3/5 matches with which pictorial representation?


Next have a go at these two problem solving questions. Read the question carefully and explain your answers in detail. 


Now that we have recapped what a fraction is and looked at some basis fraction forms, we are now going to look at equivalent fractions. Please watch the explanation video below and then have a go at these varied fluency questions. 



Equivalent Fractions Introduction

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Equivalent Fractions Demonstration

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Have a go at this worksheet after you have done the varied fluency sheet.


I would like you to have a read of chapter 2 which I have attached below and answer these questions. Most are inference questions, which means you will have to use the information in the text and see what the author is inferring (suggesting).


  1. What is David Walliams trying to imply about mother’s character when he writes: ‘Mother finished chewing her food completely, and then swallowed it, before finally replying’?
  2. What does mother mean when she describes watching television whilst eating meals as being ‘awfully common’?
  3. Why would mother not go to the door unless she was ‘immaculately groomed’ and what does this tell us about her character?
  4. How can Mother make a strong man like Dad, ‘feel small inside’?
  5. Why is the author suggesting when he says that, although Dad was only 40, he was already balding and beginning to stoop?
  6. What is Chloe suggesting about her personality by wanting to take Mr Stink sausages from her tea?
  7. Why is mum concerned about what they were eating for tea?
  8. Why would mum ‘rather die’ than eat something from a food van?
  9. What does the chapter imply about mother’s relationship with Anabelle (use quotes from the text to back up your reasoning?
  10.  What does the final sentence, ‘Dad smiled at Chloe cheekily’, imply about their relationship? Can you find any other evidence in the chapter to back up your point?



Are you reading any books at home? I would love to hear about what books you are reading. I am re-reading Billionaire Boy by David Walliams as I love reading it alongside Mr Stink to compare the characters. Raj from Mr Stink also makes an appearance in this book too. I would like you to do a book review of a recent book you have read. 


Here are the headings I would like you to use in your book review.

Book Title:


Year Published:


Favourite parts:

Least favourite parts:

Star Rating:

Mr Stink Chapter 2

PE with Mrs. C!

Hi everyone! It's time to MOVE - I've put together a 15-20 minute boxing based fitness session for you to do. You can either do it on your own or grab someone else. Use a skipping rope for the warm up if you have one, if not do something else that raises your heartrate such as jogging on the spot, going up and down stairs, jumping jacks, bear crawls. Fetch a water bottle, a timer/stopwatch and let's get going.yes

Maybe put on some great music to work to! We've been turning up the volume during our outside skipping sessions at school!smiley

You can repeat this throughout the week as many times as you can.


Wednesday 13th January 2021





For today's Maths lesson, I would like you all to watch the video below about tenths represented using fractions.


Tenths as fractions video demonstration

Still image for this video

Tenths as fractions worksheet




I would like you all to read chapter 3 of Mr Stink which I have uploaded below. We are learning more about the characters now that we are getting more into the story. Are there any characters you are beginning to dislike? If so, why? Discuss this with an adult or a sibling.


Chapter 3 Mr Stink



So far in the story, we have learnt that Mr Stink is homeless. This means, he has no home or a safe place to stay. Watch the video explanation below before completing this activity. 

Thursday 14th January 2021



Please watch the video below and then have a go at these questions.






Thursday's Maths Demonstration

Still image for this video



I would like you to find out the answer to this question:


'What inspired David Walliams to write Mr Stink?'


Make sure you use reliable sources such as BBC or the Guardian and avoid websites such as Wikipedia. 


Extension Challenge...


See if you can find any other children's books that focus on, or include a character that is homeless. How is Mr Stink similar or different to these other stories?



I would like you all to look at this picture of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. What impact would this volcanic eruption have had on the residents of Pompeii? You may want to do some research to find a bit more information about this devastating event.


Here is a video that will give you a bit more information about the famous eruption in Pompeii.


Extension Challenge...


I would like you to write a diary entry from the perspective of someone living in Pompeii at the time of the eruption. What was happening? What did everyone do? How were you feeling? Go into as much detail as you can, ensuring there is an element of suspense for the reader. Remember, suspense is crucial for stories with something as dramatic as a volcanic eruption happening!





Here is a short video where you can have a brief conversation in French. Pause the video after I ask you a question so that you have enough time to respond. Remember to say 'et toi?' at the end of your answer so that I can respond. 

RE with Mrs. C!



Friday 15th January 2021



Please watch the demonstration video below before completing the work. 


Friday's Maths Demonstration

Still image for this video



I would like you all to write a diary entry as Chloe after her mother rips up her story book. How is she feeling? Please watch the explanation video below where I will share the start of my diary entry example.



Here is chapter 4 of Mr Stink which I have recorded myself reading.