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Homework 10.6.21

Homework 20.05.21

Homework 17.6.21

Homework 11th December 2020

Spelling anagrams! Unscramble these words from the Year 5/6 Spelling list!







Maths Challenge

Match Fractions to Decimals

William Shakespeare

We have been learning the story of Macbeth by William Shakeapeare.  Create a factfile about Shakespeare. You could include some of his plays and an explanation of what they're about.

Homework 4th December 

What country does this flag belong to?

What is the capital city? Find 3 other cities in this country!

Synonyms: Choose better vocabulary! Improve the underlined word.

Bjorn ran through the forest to avoid his enemy.

Cutting through the trees, he came to a clearing.

When he got to the middle of the forest, silence followed him.

Suddenly, an axe hit the tree behind his head.

The leaves in the bush behind parted and Sven came into the clearing.


Adding Fractions

Maths Challenge


Homework 27th November 2020

Descriptive Writing

Here is the opening scene to a Viking Saga. Write a description of the scene. Remember to write in the past tense.

E.g. "Fresh snow covered the landscape as far as Sven could see..."

Which country has this flag?

What is the capital city? Find out 5 facts about this city.

Find 3 ways it is different to Newcastle!

Practice multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000:

34 x 10

47 x 10

4.6 x 10

0.64 x 10

67 x 100

0.74 x 100

3.03 x 100

0.04 x 100

84 x 1000

4.82 x 1000

0.005 x 1000

Homework 20th November 


What prefixes would you add to these words?







Do you remember what the passive voice is? 

e.g. The tree was being blown by the wind

Can you write 5 sentences of your own in the passive voice


We have been writing poems about different aspects of Viking Mythology.  Write your own poem about one of the Viking gods - you can choose!  Why don't you ask an adult to email it to our class email?

Maths Challenge


Les Pays

Find out what these countries are in French!

Northern Ireland










Homework 13 November 2020

Maths Challenge

Which Viking god is this one? How do you know? Write a paragraph about this god and what you know about him!


Times table rock stars & Hit the Button

Equivalent fractions:







Here are 3 words from your spelling list. Practice learning how to spell them :

  • Try the pyramid method (1 letter, then 2 letters etc.)
  • Think of a name of a country for each letter of the word




Friday 6th November 2020

We are starting to find out more about Viking beliefs.  Find out as much as you can about the Viking god, Odin. Create a fact file all about him!

What prefixes would you add to these verbs?







Can you think of 5 more verbs with a prefix?

Practice your multiplying 2 digit  by 2 digit

35 x 25

64 x 36

58 x 35

67 x 32

77 x 48

76 x 45

What about 374 x 46?

Friday 18th October

King Athelstan

Here is an artist's impression of King Athelstan. 

Can you find out 5 facts about this King.

Why don't you try and create your own portrait of King Athelstan?

Spelling practice

Choose 5 words from the Year 5/6 spelling list that begin with "a"

Write a definition for each one.

Use each one in a sentence.

Write each one in a pyramid formation - one letter, then two letters etc.


Remember to practice your times tables using Rockstars! 

Don't forget to try this website out as well! What's your highest score?

Friday 10th October 2020

Battle of Edington

Here is an artist's impression of the Battle of Edington.  Can you remember what happened here?  Imagine you were a journalist at the time.  What would your headline for this story be?  Can you think of a few examples? Remember your headline needs to grab the readers attention!

Maths Homework

Don't forget to log on to Rock Stars! I have set some new times tables for this week! This links with our learning about Multiples!


This is the book I am planning to read after "Beetle Boy."  What are you planning to read next? What book are you waiting for someone to finish so you can read it next?

Their There They're 

Practice using these in sentences.  Ask an adult to check if you have chosen the correct one!

Remember: Their when it belongs to someone; There is the opposite of here or a place; They're is a contraction for they are!

Homework Friday 25th September

Keep using Times Tables Rockstars. There are more times tables set this week!


Keep reading your book.  Next week, please be prepared to tell the class about the book (even if you don't like it!) Remember to think about who you would recommend the book to next!


Spelling: This week we have looked at the long vowel sound "i" in words spelt with a "y" like apply, supply, identify.

How many different words with this spelling pattern can you find?



Viking Longships

What do you know about Viking Longships? What can you tell from this image?  Find out about Viking Longships and why they were so impressive.  Next week, we can share all the things we have found out!
Remember to log on to Times Tables Rockstars! You should be practising your times tables as often as possible!

Check out this new website called "Numbots" 

Use the same login details as Rockstars. 

Great Maths practise!

Spelling practice : This week we have looked at homophones - words that sound the same but are spelt differently e.g. aisle and isle.  Make a list of as many pairs of words as you can! Can you explain the different meanings?

Friday 18th September

I have attached some spelling lists.  The first list are spellings that you are expected to know by the end of year 4! The second list are spelling you are expected to know by the end of year 5.  Why don't you practise them using the look, say, cover, write, check method.  You could identify familiar spelling patterns within the words! Keep practising!

Year 3 and 4 spelling list

Year 5 and 6 spelling list

Login to Times Tables Rockstars. I have set some times tables for you to work through this week. You have your login details (they should be the same as last year!)

What are you reading?

I have been reading this book! It's starting to get good!

What are you reading? What do you want to read next?