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Term Dates

Attendance at school is very important for all of our pupils to make the best possible progress.  We understand that children can become ill and need time away from school.  If a pupil contracts an infectious illnesses, especially those causing vomiting and diarrhea, they should not return to school for 48 hours.


Other term-time absence is only granted by the Headteacher in exceptional circumstances.  Application forms are available from the school office.


Please make every effort to be at school on time each day.


Use the link below to view and download term and holiday dates for this academic year.

*Whilst the current Covid-19 pandemic measures are in place, these dates may need to be reviewed if the Government issues further guidance to schools.  In the meantime, we expect to be fully open to all pupil on Wednesday 2nd September 2020.
Some Training Days (School closed for pupils) are yet to be confirmed.