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Week 2 11.01.21

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Monday 11th January 2021


Good morning Nursery boys and girls! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready for a new week of fun learning activities at home!  Mrs Heslop and I have loved seeing your pictures and videos on Tapestry, so please keep sending them to us so we can see how you are getting on at home!



For Phonics today Mrs Lisle will be looking in her Nursery Rhyme bag for some of our favourite rhymes that we sing at Nursery.(Check out the video below.) Can you teach your grown ups the actions and words for our rhymes?  Could you make your own Nursery rhyme box/bag of objects from your house?


Have a go at the rhyming Cake Bake game on Phonics Play.  This resource is free to use during the lockdown and the link to the website is: 

Username: jan21

Password: home

Once you are logged into the site you need to click on Resources and then Phase 1, to access the Cake Bake activity.


Maths - 1 more

For Maths today you will need a dice and some building bricks/blocks to count.  Roll the di and see if you can recognise the number, without counting the spots.  Can you build a tower counting out the same number of bricks from the number rolled on the dice.  Do you know what the number would be if you added 1 more brick to your tower?  Keep rolling the dice and counting out the bricks and building up the different towers.


Watch the Numberblocks clip below.  Now go back to your towers, count the bricks and add 1 more brick to each of your towers - can you tell your grown up the number that is 1 more



Last week, with the children in school, we talked about Winter animals and animals that like Winter and animals that do not.  The children in school wanted to find out some more information about Polar bears.  Do you know anything about polar bears? Where they live and what they eat?


Watch the clip from Andy's Wild Adventures all about Polar bears and see if you can remember any facts. You could draw Mrs Lisle a picture or get your grown ups to record a video of you telling me what you have found out about polar bears. Do you have any stories at home about any Winter animals you could share?


I hope you have a lovely day - I can't wait to see your pictures and videos again this week!


Have fun smiley



Numberblocks - Just Add One | Learn to Count

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Tuesday 12th January 2021


Hi everyone!

I was so pleased to hear from your grown ups how much you are enjoying the home learning activities!

Please find below your activities for today for phonics, maths and a creative task on polar bears - I can't wait to see more pictures and videos from you all!

Keep up the good work everyone (grown ups too!) yes



Today in phonics we are going to be playing our 'silly soup' game. For this activity you will need an empty bowl or a pan, a wooden spoon and some pictures or objects of things that rhyme.  Mrs Lisle has made another video for you to watch and join in with, then you can make your own silly soup with your pictures/objects!




For maths today I would like you to practise your counting and recognising numbers (0-6, 7-13 and 14-20). Using the picture cards and some clothes pegs, count the objects carefully then identify the correct numeral by sticking a peg onto it! Start off with the green numbers and then challenge yourselves onto the amber and red numbers.




Counting 1-10 Song | Number Songs for Children | The Singing Walrus

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Today I would like you to create your own piece of polar bear artwork, using whatever you have available at home. This could be: 

A painting 

A sticky picture using collage 

A drawing using cold colours (eg purple, white, silver) 

It is up to you! I have added some photographs to give you some ideas and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Polar Bear Artwork

Wednesday 13th January 2021


Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have absolutely loved seeing the pictures and videos of you all, joining in with our learning activities!

 I am so proud of you all - parents too - keep up the good work!


(Parents and carers, we are going to be exploring ice and conducting a science experiment using ice cubes, lard and plastic sandwich bags later this week and into next week- so you may need to get prepared!)


Here are the activities for today - remember don't worry about printing off resources they are there as a guide to help you follow up activities! So if you don't have a printer, that's ok,  please improvise and use whatever you have at home to complete the tasks (you may have to draw your own pictures for counting and phonics games!)





Using the rhyming cards play a game of matching pairs. Turn all of the picture cards over facing down onto the table or the floor.  Taking turns with your child, choose 2 cards to turn over. Look at the pictures and say the words. If they rhyme you get to keep the cards, if not turn them back over.  Keep taking turns, turning over the pictures, until they are all matched up to a rhyming partner!  Take a photograph and share with me on Tapestry!


As an additional task/game using the rhyming picture cards, see if your child can identify the odd one out. Lay 3 cards facing upwards and say the words out loud, encouraging your children to join in! Can your child identify the word that does not rhyme?





Phonics introduction

Still image for this video

Matching pairs game - rhyming

Still image for this video

Odd one out!

Still image for this video



Clap and count.

Parents clap your hands a number of times (1-6) children to accurately identify how many times you clapped your hands.

Challenge: Can they clap 1 more than your number?


Using the number cards (1-6 first) lay them out in a line, in order. Then get an animal toy or figure and a dice. Roll the di and put your toy on that number. Can you make your toy jump onto the number that is 1 more which is the next number in the line. Parents and carers, encourage your child to say "1 more than _ is _".  Repeat rolling the dice putting the toy on different numbers, jumping onto the next number along the line and saying the words again!


You could also make a hopscotch game either indoors/outside. Throw a stone onto a number for your child to hop/jump onto then encourage them to jump 1 more time onto the next number, identifying what it would be/is.

One more...

Still image for this video

Counting and adding 1 more

Still image for this video

One more...

Still image for this video

Topic - Polar Bear Video

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Thursday 14th January 2021


Good morning Nursery's been snowing through the night, how exciting!

I hope you get the chance to get out and play in it today, though you will need to have waterproofs and wellies on, because it is very slushy out there and you will get very wet!


Here are today's tasks for you you to do...




For our phonics job you will need to collect some objects to play our game. If you do not have the objects you could use some picture cards - and maybe get the children to draw some pictures of the objects I have suggested.  Can you find:

a cup (can be a real one or from a toy set),

a cat,

a dog (these do not have to be real ones, they can be toys!),

a pen,

a peg,

a pig, 

a sheep,

a sun,

and a hat.


Whichever room in the house you are in, place the objects or pictures in different places around the room so your child can see them.  If you have stairs in your house, you could put an object on each of the stairs, for your child to collect when you tell them to.

Grown ups you will need to do an important job in this game, so watch Mrs Lisle's video carefully today and have fun!



Watch the Numberblocks video all about Number 7. Talk about the episode and what happens. Use this opportunity to do some practising of accurate counting.


If you have some coloured paper lay 7 sheets out to represent each of the colours of the rainbow and matching the Numberblocks shapes e.g.


1 - red

2 - orange

3 - yellow

4 - green

5 - blue

6 - purple


If you have any play food or real food items that match these colours use them for counting practise e.g 1 strawberry, 2 orange segments, 3 cubes of cheese, 4 grapes/pieces of kiwi etc. Put these onto a separate plate/tray. If not just draw out some objects or use coloured bricks to represent picnic food!


Encourage your child to count out the pieces of food for each of the Numberblocks - giving one of each item to Number 7 (so you will need 1 extra piece of each item, to make the Number 7!) Ask your children if what each Numberblock has is fair? Have they each got the same?  I would be expecting them to see that 7 has more than 1!


Enjoy having a little picnic with some cuddly toys with fruit/snacks and a drink after this task!


Have a great day!



The Polar Bear And The Snow Cloud Read Aloud Story

Friday 15th January 2021


Happy Friday everyone - we made it to the end of week 2 so we need to have a celebration day today!


We are going to start off our learning activities for today with a 'Wake up Shake up' video which I know you all love to join in with at Nursery - so lets teach your grown ups some of our dances!



Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Get Yo Body Movin' (Dance-A-Long)

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What different sounds can you make with your body? Practise some now like, clapping your hands, stamping your feet, patting your tummy and clicking your fingers or your tongue!


For our Fun Friday Phonics we are going to be doing some active body percussion! It might get a little bit tricky, as it gets faster but try and join in with all of the actions and get your grown ups to join in too!


Challenge: Can you make your own rhythm and sequence of actions, maybe using some of the actions you have learnt?  Get your grown ups to take a video and send it to me on Tapestry. yes

Ollie from 'Beat Goes On' teaching Body Percussion on CBeebies' 'Let's Go Club!'

Ollie from 'Beat Goes On' teaches a 2nd Body Percussion routine on CBeebies' 'Let's Go Club!'


For our maths task today you will need:

an empty pillowcase and some cuddly toys, (you will need 7)

and a dice.




Roll the dice and put that number of toys into the pillowcase, counting them as you put them in. Remember that number then add one more toy into the pillowcase. How many toys are now in the pillowcase? Can you say " 1 more than_ is_" Count the toys back out to check if you were right!  Repeat, rolling the dice and counting in objects and adding 1 more.


Have fun! smiley

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury