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Week 4 25.1.21


Monday 25th January 


Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and have had a restful weekend with your families. I am so excited to start another week of learning with you all. This week we have decided to learn about penguins as they are one of Miss Wilson's favourite animals. I hope you enjoy the activities I am going to set for you to do. I'm so impressed by all of your hard work and I really look forward to seeing your pictures and videos when I check Tapestry each day.. You are all amazing (and so are your grown ups for helping you!) smiley




In geography we find out about places that are familiar to us and we also find out about places that are far, today can you find out about where some penguins like to live? Mrs Varty and the boys and girls at school learnt that lots of types of penguins (species) like to live in the Antarctic. Can you find out more about this part of the world? How would we get there if we wanted to visit? Watch the episode of Go Jetters (link below), then ask your grown up to guide you through the powerpoint below. Can you send me a video of any facts you discover? 




Challenge- Buried Treasure! 


You will need: * words written on small pieces of paper by an adult-chip,chick,chin,hill,pill,till, buzz,fizz,miss, huff, huff, sock, clock, tick- tock (ext) 

* somewhere to hide the words -eg a cardboard box filled with shredded newspaper, a sand tray, a container filled with rice crispies or dried pulses, a container filled with glitter with words at the bottom. 


Dig for the words and see how many you can sound out yourself. Can you read any without needing to sound out? For every word you get right you get a point! How many points can you get at the end of the game? 


Maths Mastery


In maths this week we will be combining two groups to find a total (to 10). We are going to start by using some mathematical language and sharing our ideas. Can you have a look at the picture below and answer these questions.... 


How many big fish can you see? 

How many small fish can you see? How many fish are there all together? 

How many pink shells? How many yellow shells? How many shells are there all together? 

I spy with my little eye a group of 3 and a group of 2....what am I looking at? 


As a challenge you could think of your own way to record your answers. 



fish tank maths


Tuesday 26th January 


Good morning everyone! I hope you are all ok today. Yesterday Miss Wilson discovered that Edinburgh Zoo have set up a live webcam in their penguin enclosure, Penguin Rock! We really enjoyed seeing what the penguins were getting up to. 

If you would like to have a look, follow the website link below. 




This week a lot of our activities will be based on the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Oliver Jeffers is one of Mrs Varty's favourite authors! Listen to the story and then complete this challenge- 


Packing a suitcase for a trip to Antarctica 


In the story the little boy and the penguin pack a suitcase for their trip in their rowing boat. What do you think you would take with you if you went on a trip to Antarctica? What type of clothing would you need? What would you take for food and drinks? Do you think you would need to sleep overnight on your journey? Would the penguin need anything special to eat? 


You can either-* Make your own suitcase from a cardboard box and fill it with drawings of the items you would take. 

*Complete the suitcase worksheet below with your own drawings. 

*Or if you are able, you could pack a real suitcase of items you have around the house. 

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers

What's in the box oral blending game

Still image for this video

Our new sound....Sh

Still image for this video

Reading 'sh' words with Mrs Varty's new gadget!

Still image for this video




Mrs Varty is going to show you our new sound today. Can you have a go at writing these words? 







As a challenge, have a go at writing this sentence neatly on the line (don't forget Capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop!) 


A fish on a dish. 


Maths in Antarctica!


The penguins are having a lovely time in the Antarctic with other animal friends! Have a look at the photograph.

Can you count how many penguins there are? How many polar bears can you see? I spy a group of 3, what can I see? 

Can you add the group of penguins to the group of polar bears, how many animals do you have all together? Write your answer as a number sentence, using + and = 



Wednesday 27th January 


Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you are all ok today.  Did you enjoy listening to the story Lost and Found yesterday? Today's topic challenge is linked to the book. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun completing it :-) 


Boat Builders! 

You will need: 

items from your recycling-eg tubs,bottles,lids 

sticky tape


pens and paper 


Today you are going to design and make a boat that you would take on a trip to the South Pole. It needs to be strong to last the journey. It also needs to be able to float on water. Think carefully about what you design might look like (you may want to draw your design on paper first) and then have a go at making a model using items from your recycling box. You may also need to use tape and glue to connect it together. I have shared some photographs of a few examples to help you. Don't forget to test it on some water (in the bath or sink) to make sure it can float! Please send me a photograph of your finished boat and also a video of testing it on the water if you are able to. 



Penguin wake up shake up!

This week we have really enjoyed joining in with the Penguin Dance. Why not have a go before you begin your home learning?



Tricky words to practice- I the to no go into my of 


Today we are going to review sh/ch 

Please can you practice these sounds as 2 letters, 1 sound. 

Sound spotters! 

Using A4 sheets of paper- grown ups write the words-shop/chin/ship/chip/fish/match/wish- grown ups show the word, boys and girls,  can you spot the sounds in the words? You may like to circle the sounds with a pen. 

As an extension challenge, try writing a list of the words that you have read. You could even have a go at writing your own sentence, using one of the sh/ch words. 



Coat hanger maths


You will need: 1 coat hanger, pegs (up to 10) and a dice. 

Watch Mrs Varty's video to find out how to play today's maths challenge. 


Have a lovely day! 



Coat hanger maths

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Thursday 28th January 


Hi everyone! Thanks so much to all of you who have sent in videos to show me what you have been learning to do at home. I have been so impressed by your hard work and creativity. It is always a special treat to watch your videos each day :-) 




Today I was wondering if you could be creative yet again, and could make me a penguin model or picture? The children who have been in school today have really enjoyed cutting out the penguin sheet below and sticking it together. If you have a printer you may like to print this out to do at home.  You could try to use your own resources that you have available at home-pens, paper, items from your recycling box, paint. It is up to you! I can't wait to see your artwork, don't forget to share photographs of what you have made. 

Penguin cutting activity

Penguin crafts




Today our new sound is th      bounce the! 

Follow Mrs Varty's videos to find out more about our new sound. We will be practising reading and writing words including this sound! 

"th" words

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Can you sound out the words with Mrs Varty?

writing "th" words

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Maths Mastery 


Today in maths we will be continuing to add two single digit numbers together! 

You will need: A snakes and ladders game-one of your own or download the printable version. 

two dice. 

Can you play the snakes and ladders game with your grown up? Use two dice to move, roll the dice and add the number of spots together. The first person to reach the end is the winner! Don't forget to go down the snake and up the ladder if you reach them when it is your turn! 

Snakes and ladders game


Friday 29th January 


Hello Everyone! Today Miss Wilson and I are very excited...... Our first live Zoom chat for Reception children is happening this afternoon at 2:30! I really hope you can all join us. Please can you have a little look at the Penguin Dance video that I uploaded yesterday before the Zoom as I would really love it if we could all join in a 'Wake up Shake up' together. I'm sure we will have lots of fun and it will be so lovely to see you all again. 




Today we are going to practise our 'Zig Zag Monster' family of letters. Follow the handwriting videos below. 




Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video




Please could you write numbers 0-9 using the number rhyme card pictures sent on Tapestry? They look like this.....

Number cards

PE Cosmic kids penguin yoga

I hope you enjoy this penguin adventure with Jamie!

Up and Down

Today the children at school really enjoyed listening to a follow on book from Lost and Found. I wonder what the boy and the penguin get up to now they are good friends? I hope you enjoy it.