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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!


Our very own Scarlett sings: Always Remember Us This Way

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Trip to the Discovery Museum to find out about WW II

Welcome to Year 6! 

We are looking forward to everything in our final year at St Bart's, especially High Borrans and the House Captain reveal this afternoon. We are currently enjoying learning about WWII, reading the Machine Gunners by Robert Westall and learning how to play the steel pans. We can't wait to tell you about the rest of our adventures!


We are excited to have been given our Year 6 roles in Celebration assembly last week.  We have a range of areas of responsibility such as: House Captains, Ambassadors, Prefects, Worship team, Science Team and Digital leaders.  We have also started two new clubs: Young Journalists, who will be writing the school newspaper sand our very own folk group who have been working hard on two new pieces. They are also hoping to be learning some Christmas tunes for after half term!

We will keep you posted......

Ewan (House Captain for Rutter) holds his first class meeting

I was proud and excited to hold my first class meeting. The meetings are to give pupils of the school an opportunity to tell one of us House Captains their ideas and how they would improve the school for them and everyone else. As I was assigned to do my own class (Year 6) I had good but sensible ideas for instance: some more sports clubs, a few water fountains around the school etc. This was a good moment for me. Then, next week, we will be holding our first House Captain meeting, where we will try to make some of these ideas come to life, and make the school a better place for everyone.


Happy New Year from Class!

Our Changing World

How will climate change affect me?

This is the question year 6 will be thinking about this term.

How has Greta Thunberg, a 17-year-old climate change activist, had a huge impact on young people's attitudes to the environment?

Watch this space for more information about what Year 6 decide to find out about next.

What are you doing to help the environment?

What We're doing to help climate change

We have been really enjoying learning about our environment.  Here are some of the things we have done/learnt so far:

  • Longitude and Latitude
  • Illegal wildlife trade
  • Written to supermarkets (one response from ASDA so far)
  • Done a tester of waste mapping
  • Written to parents about the dreaded milk cartons and milk (#BAN THE MILK CARTONS!)
  • Going to adopt an animal from WWF (you could try yourself - £3.00 minimum)
  • Made climate action posters
  • Using a folder for maths instead of a book
  • Found out how many milk cartons our school have used (510 a week, 26,520 a year, 119340 in last 6 years, 3,910,771,800 in last 6 years in UK)
  • Going to design new bin labels for new bins
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Greta vs Trump at Davos 2020
  • Hopefully going to have a school trip to Lidl to find out what they're doing to help, and for Adam especially, how they make their bakery in their bakery section
  • Watched a documentary about climate change by David Attenborough
  • Got responses from parents on their view of milk and milk cartons
  • Making lessons to teach ks1
  • Turning a small part of the big field into a vegetable patch
  • Finding out how much CO2 the school produces and how much they spend on energy
  • Finding out a greener way to run the school








Don't forget to let us know about your views on school milk.  It's an issue very close to our hearts and we are determined to reduce the amount of waste our school produces.

As part of this, we have begun waste mapping with Andy our caretaker, this means analysing the kinds of waste we create and where is all goes.  We plan to introduce more bins in and around school, after we have contacted Biffa to clarify which items can and cannot be recycled. 

Waste Mapping - stage 1

Choosing which animal to adopt

A graph showing increasing climate change

Pie chart showing favourite supermarkets

Researching endangered animals