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 Today we are looking at classification and the Linnaean system. watch the video and have a go at the sheets provided.

Research omnivore, carnivore and herbivores. Use the sheets if you need to....

Classification of animals | Biology - Life Lessons

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. With beautiful wildlife images and simple summary graphics, this clip explains how fish, reptiles, mammals and birds are classif...

Time SATs problems

Croc persuasive writing! Do you like Crocs or loathe them? Have a go at writing about them and look at my example to help you start off...

Time word problems - choose your level and don't peak at the answers!

 Today we are going to try to design our own classification keys. Start with the animals at the bottom; it's probably easier! Then try and add yes/no questions to get to the animals at the top. Look at the example for help.

Out of the woods......

 The troll hunters have made their way through the forest and are heading towards the trolls' lair. Your task, is to design a shoe for the troll hunters to wear. What features would be useful to a troll hunter? 

When you have had a go at drawing it, write a description.