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Week 4 (25.1.21)

Monday 25th January

Time Starter

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Reading timetables

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Timetable Questions

An extra Maths challenge (optional!)


Galileo - and his big idea


Les Matieres

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Chapter 13 "Thrill ride of the century"

Tuesday 26th January

Multiplying by multiples of 10

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Multiplying with multiples of 10, 100, 1000

*Maths Challenge*


Writing Task

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Can you find 5 more examples of words that are antonyms?

Gustav Holst: The Planets - II. Venus, The Bringer of Peace

The Planets, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Richard Hickox

Listen to this "movement" from 'The Planets' by Holst.  Can you think about 2 things:

1. Why do you think it's called "Bringer of peace"

2. What instruments can you hear in this piece of music?

Chapter 14 "I am the Space Daddy"



PE with Mrs. C!

Happy Tuesday year 5! Time for PE, woohoo! Enjoy, stay safe. smiley






Wednesday 27th January

2 digits multiplied by 1 digit

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24 x 6

46 x 3

86 x 7

67 x 3

76 x 5

59 x 8

48 x 6

65 x 9


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45 x 23

56 x 37

46 x 38

56 x 56

68 x 45

79 x 85

75 x 47

39 x 78

*Maths Challenge*


Edit and redraft your work

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Word classes

Chapter 15 (part 1) "Ice cream man of the Gobi desert"

Science with Mrs Marshall

Hi Class 5,

I hope that you are enjoying our Science topic on Space. I know that you will have learnt a lot about space in other lessons with Miss Orr so I am really looking forward to finding out how much you know when we are all together again.

This week in Science I'd like you to find out about how we get day and night here on Earth. I have linked some BBC Bitesize videos for you to watch below. After you've watched them I would like you to write an explanation of how day and night occurs, including diagrams. There are also some templates for you to use if you'd like to, please decide which of the two you will use or maybe you can set out your writing in your own way. If you have any books at home on Space maybe you could do some research of your own to help you with your explanation.

Enjoy your space exploration Class 5!

Mrs Msmiley

Thursday 28th January 

3 digits multiplied by 2 digits

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263 x 57

375 x 23

274 x 25

395 x 96

693 x 58

386 x 39

835 x 73

793 x 48



374 x 673

869 x 857

794 x 946


Writing about Kepler

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Miss Orr improving her writing

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Writing task reminder : Find out all about Johannes Kepler and create a biography about him.  Remember to include: paragraphs, formal vocabulary, chronological order, technical vocabulary!

I look forward to reading your biographies!

Chapter 15 (part 2) "Ice cream man of the Gobi desert"

RE with Mrs Cook



RE with Mrs. C!

Happy Thursday year 5! Enjoy RE.yes


Friday 29th January 
Remember our Zoom call at 2:30pm today.  Make sure it's YOUR name and not your adult's name! 

3 digits multiplied by 3 digits

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362 x 274

562 x 357

724 x 375

183 x 573

847 x 757

Reasoning questions

Don't forget to use Times Tables Rockstars, Numbots and Hit the Button to help with your times tables!



Reading Comprehension


Phrase types

Can you write 2 more examples for each type of phrase?
Listen to this piece of Music by Holst.  What does it make you think of? What picture do you have in your mind when you hear this? Why don't you try and put your ideas down on a piece of paper and and show what the music has inspired! In school, we thought of magical forests or scenes from space.

Gustav Holst - Neptune

Neptune, from Gustav Holst's Planet Suite, being played by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras.