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This week's BBC Bitesize lesson schedule.

Revising Conjunctions - English

Identifying Angles - Maths

The next part in our Trolls story...

Good morning Year 4. How was everyone's weekend? I had a lovely weekend catching up with some friends in my new garden. Here are today's maths and English lessons. I have also added the next part in our trolls story. 


Mr. Q laugh 

A brilliant experiment by two amazing St. Barts scientists!

Angles: Comparing and Ordering - Maths

Features of a newspaper report - English

Classifying Triangles - Maths

Midweek update. 


Hello everyone. Here are today's maths and English lessons. You will notice there is no downloadable worksheet for English today. This is because Bitesize have made this an online lesson. 


Mr. Quinn laugh

Writing a newspaper article - English