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News Reporter Video

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Check out this amazing news report video Mrs. Marshall and I were emailed. I love the attention to detail and use of Drama - I think we have a future acting star in our class everyone! 


Mr Quinn smiley

Similarities and Differences

Some brilliant similarities and differences mentioned here by Federico between Anglo-Saxon settlements and homes in the present day. Well done you! yes


Mr. Quinn 

Have a look at the BBC website using the link above (or paste this address into your search bar: On this page you will see an interactive picture that tells you some information about village life in Anglo-Saxon times. This is a screen shot of the interactive tool I want you to use below:

I want you to choose two of the characters' stories and write a description about what their daily lives consists of. You can choose from a number of different options, these are; Farming, Anglo-Saxon girls, Anglo-Saxon boys, Cooking, Weaving and Hunting. 

Once you have had a go at writing a description about Anglo-Saxon daily life, I then want you to complete this worksheet using the information you have gathered from the descriptions. This will involve you writing about the qualities, skills and attributes an Anglo-Saxon would have required to work. 


Instead of emailing your work to our class e-mail, why not upload it to our new class blog instead? This would allow Mrs. Marshall and I to give you instant feedback - as well some comments from your peers!


Mr. Quinn 

Here are some more worksheets to practise your times tables. For an extra challenge - get someone to time you filling in the worksheet. This will help improve your speed at answering multiplication calculations under pressure.


Good luck!


Mr. Quinn 

Our next set of Maths problems!

Give these problems a go and use our class blog to send me your answers. I can let you know if you've solved the problem.

Mrs M yes

Here is this week's BBC Bitesize lessons. The link for this week's lessons is below. Mr Quinn

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Happy Monday Class 4. Hope you are all doing well - missing you all! 


For today's topic activity I would like you all to read this extract about the seven different Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Once you have done this, you can then fill in the worksheet and label each of the kingdoms correctly. You may even want to colour in the different kingdoms using different colours to differentiate between the kingdoms.


Send in your work using our new class blog. Look forward to seeing it.


Mr. Quinn 

Extension Challenge!

We will soon be learning about the Sutton Hoo ship burial. Before this however, I want you to research why this burial is so significant in British history. Get in touch using our new class blog with your findings.


I can't wait to hear what you have found!


Mr. Quinn 



Here is some of the work Mrs. Marshall and I set sent to us from Federico. Lots of brilliant writing here Federico using full sentences and descriptions. I LOVE the story about Jeff - well done you! yes


Mr. Quinn 

Cayley's Work

A brilliant piece of topic work by Cayley who, as always, has written her sentences in lovely neat hand-writing. Well done you! laugh


Mr. Quinn 

V.E. Day

Good morning Class 4, this Friday is the 75th Anniversary of V.E. day. It is the day, 75 years ago, that Britain and Europe celebrated the end of WW2. Many people celebrated by holding street parties, playing games, dancing and having fun. I have attached some activities that I thought you may like to try, maybe you could organise a V.E. day party for your family in your garden and make your own food and decorations. Mr Quinn and I would love to see some photographs of your celebrations so why not attach them to a blog or upload them to our class page.  Enjoy celebrating and have fun whatever you do on Friday! 

Mrs Marshall smiley 

Some Information about V.E. Day


This week on BBC Bitesize they are looking at multiplication, which is what we were looking at before we left school, and division, which was our next unit. Please could you take a look at the lessons this week and have a go at the examples they give you to try. You should also now have a Maths book to work through at home. Each activity in the book has examples to show you what to do followed by some questions for you to try on your own. You can use this book to help revise things we have already looked at, as well as looking at new areas of Maths. Please let me know how you are getting on with the book on our class blogging area. 

Mrs Marshallyes

Maths Puzzle Activities 4

I know that a lot of you are enjoying these puzzles. Thank you to Federico for sharing his answers to the last set with me. Well done Federico! If you haven't tried them before take a look at these new ones but also look back through our page to find the first 3 sets. Let me know how you get on. 

Mrs M smiley 

Week 4 BBC Bitesize Lessons

Here is this week's BBC Bitesize lessons. Please use this link to access the lessons:


Mr. Quinn 

English - Persuasive Text

Hi Class 4, I hope that you are all OK as we begin another week of home learning!

This week Oak Academy have a week of fun English lessons based on a rap. Together you will look at a rap written about my favourite subject, Science and how to look after our planet. It is a fun way of looking at persuasive texts and the type of words and language you need to use to persuade. After you have completed the lessons you are asked to write your own rap, I would love to see these please, you can either take a photograph of your illustrated rap or record a video of you performing your rap and upload them to our Class page so we can share them.

I look forward to rapping, Mrs Mlaugh


Follow the link below and look at the English lessons each day.   

Maths - Perimeter and Area

Below is a link to Oak National Academy Maths area. The first 5 lessons will help you to revise perimeter and the next 5 lessons are focused on area. These will help you to complete the perimeter and area section in your Power Maths book. 

Art Activity

Happy Monday Class 4!


I want you all to have a go at designing, drawing and colouring your own illuminated Anglo-Saxon letter. Use the first letter of your first name. You can either e-mail your designs to our class page, or upload them to our new class blog. I can't wait to see them (I may even upload mine...). 




Mr Quinn laugh

The Great Anglo-Saxon Bake Off

Hello everyone and welcome to the annual Year 4 Great Anglo-Saxon Bake Off, with your hosts Mrs. Marshall and Mr. Quinn.


For this year's challenge we want you to show your creativity and imagination by making an Anglo-Saxon bake of your choice. You will have to research what types of food Anglo-Saxons made on a daily basis back in ancient Britain. However, if you are stuck for some ideas, last year most of the class made biscuits (which were delicious!). 


Good luck class 4 - we both can't wait to see pictures of your creations! mail


Mr. Quinn and Mrs. Marshall 

DT Activity


Now that we have looked at Anglo-Saxon life on a daily basis, I want you all to build your very own 3D model of an Anglo-Saxon house. You could use lego, play dough, or any spare materials around the house - just make sure you ask for permission before using them!


I can't wait to see how you all get on as I know Class 4 are super creative when it comes to Art and DT.


Have fun.


Mr. Quinn 

Some examples to give you an idea of what you could make.

Times Tables

Here is a few more activities for you all to practise your 4 and 7 times tables. Ask someone at home to check over your answers - or you may want to ask them to time you filling in the answers. This is a really good way of practising answering times table questions as quickly as you can. 


Mr. Quinn 

The Magic Spoon Story Activity

Hello Class 4,


Mrs. Marshall and I were sent this rather interesting picture yesterday of an abnormally sized spoon in a field outside of Cramlington. This gave us both a really good idea for some storytelling involving the giant spoon. We would like you all to write a story about how this spoon ended up in a field outside of Cramlington.


Did a giant drop it? Maybe they threw it? You decide...!


We can't wait to read your stories Class 4.


Mr. Quinn and Mrs. Marshall laugh

Anglo-Saxon Comprehension

Have a go at answering these seven questions about items found during an Anglo-Saxon treasure discovery. Remember, use the key words in the text to help you answer the questions correctly.


Mr. Quinn laugh

Some more worksheets to help you practise your spellings. Mr Quinn

Maths Puzzle Activities 5

Here are the next 2 Maths puzzles for those of you who have enjoyed exercising your brain with the ones I've shared so far! 

Some Science fun from Mrs Marshall - Can you guess what it is?

I thought you might like to try and guess what the object is in the picture above. The camera has zoomed really closely into the object magnifying it. The picture is of something linked to Science but can you guess what it is? Write your guesses on our class blog and starting on Monday I will move the camera out each day to give you more of a clue. Let's see who can guess correctly first!  smiley