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Week 8 1.3.21


Monday 1st March 


Good Morning! Here are your activities for today....




Today I would like you to share the story Supertato: Veggies Assemble, following the Youtube link below. 

Supertato Veggies Assemble


Can you create your own superhero vegetable, to join Supertato's gang? Use the template sheet to design your character. 

*Can you label their outfit? 

*You may even like to have a go at making your superhero, if you have the resources available. 


As an extra challenge, can you write a story about your new superhero character? 

Superhero Vegetable Sheet




In maths this week, we will be counting back and taking away. I would like you to begin by practising counting back from 10 (or 20 if you are confident with numbers to 10). 


I count, you count


This is a simple game to support number sequence, when counting backwards from a number. Begin by counting backwards, pointing to yourself. When you point to your child, they continue to count. 

eg 10, 9 8         7,6,5    4,   3,2,1    0       




Count Down From 20 to 1




Using Phonics play, review previously learnt diagraphs- ch/sh/th/ng.


Tuesday 2nd March 


Happy Tuesday! Here are your activities for today :-) 




In preparation for our Zoom on Friday, please can you learn the Body Percussion version of 'Treat People with Kindness' by Harry Styles. Use the link below. 

Treat People with Kindness by Harry Styles - Body Percussion





Today, I would like you to have a go at 'taking away' from a larger amount. 


You will need: Toy cars and paper 


Place 5 toy cars in a line. Drive 2 away. How many do you have left? Write a number sentence, using -, to show your working out. 

Now, can you explore 'taking away' with quantities up to 10? 



Mrs Restall had 12 cars in the car park. 6 Cars drove away. How many did he have left? Show your working out in your own way. 






Can you write a caption (a short sentence) to match these pictures from the Supertato story? 


*Think about what you want to write first.

*Say your sentence aloud. How many words do you need? 

*Say it again 

*Now, have a go at sounding out the words yourself. 

*Write your letters on a straight line.  

*Don't forget to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop! 

Supertato Caption Pictures

Supertato writing frames for caption sentences




Today we are going to learn a new sound! Follow Mrs Varty, using the videos below. 

ai Snail in the Rain

Still image for this video

green 'ai' words

Still image for this video

Find and Write the 'ai' words

Extension 'ai' reading challenge


Wednesday 3rd March 


Good morning! I hope you are all ok. Here are your activities for today. 




Using the Powerpoint, please review all tricky red words learnt so far. 


Tricky Red Words, Set 1


Please can you review our new sound, 'ai', using the pictures. 


Can you write the 'ai' words to match the pictures?




You will need: 

*Peas or green playdough. 


Begin with a maths story about the Evil peas-Eg 5 evil peas went to the supermarket, 3 got caught in a trap. How many do you have left? Explain your working out by recording a video. 


Evil Pea Challenge! 

You will need subtraction number sentences written on paper (using numbers within 10-e.g 10-5, 6-4) 

 Read the number sentence with your grown up, then count out the first amount of peas. Can you squash the evil peas to find the total? 

Evil Pea Subtraction, using number sentences

Thursday 4th March 


World Book Day


Today is World Book Day! We will be having a break from our usual activities and will be doing lots of lovely tasks, based around our favourite books. 


*Can you tell me all about your favourite book? Who is the author? Who are the main characters? If it is a picture book, can you show me your favourite illustration? Why do you like your special book? Record a review video to upload onto Tapestry. 


*If you have the resources available, can you dress up as your favourite character from the book?


*Supertato is written by Sue Hendra. Sue Hendra is Mrs Varty's favourite children's author. Using Youtube, can you listen to another story written by her? Can you tell Mrs Varty all about it?


* Make a special reading den so that you have a nice, cosy spot to look at your books. What will you use to make it?


Please can you bring your favourite book along to our Friday Zoom session. 

You may like to have a go at the World Book Day Scavenger Hunt. How many will you tick off the list?


Friday 5th March 


Today is our final day of home learning, before you all return back to school on Monday. We can't wait to see you! 

Don't forget to join us on Zoom at 2:30 this afternoon :-) 


I am so proud of you all, for working so hard at home. Thank you so much to your grown ups, for updating Tapestry each day with photos and videos. It has been lovely to see how much the children have learnt, whilst having lots of fun!

Today, I would like you to think about your proudest moment of home learning.

This could be:


*practising your tricky words each day. 

*recognising new sounds in phonics. 

*trying hard with your handwriting. 

*making an amazing model. 

*being kind and helpful to members of your family. 

Can you share your proudest moment with me? 


You may like to print off the Home Learning Award Certificate and ask your grown up to write it out for you. 



Home Learning Certificate


Before Monday, please can you 


*continue to practise your tricky red words, using the powerpoint on the class page (uploaded this week) . 

*re-cap the sounds we have learnt so far, using the Set 1 Sound Picture Cards below. 


Set 1 Sound Picture Cards


* Please use the number rhymes to practise number formation to 10. 

Number Rhymes


I hope you are feeling excited about returning to school and seeing your friends on Monday. We are really looking forward to having our lovely Reception children back together again heart


See you soon! 


Mrs Varty and Miss Wilson