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Regular Homework

Here are the year 3/4 spellings and the year 5/6 spellings. Please practise the ones you feel you need to. Choose a few each week. We will be working on them in class too...

Please keep reading each day, it really is so important. In class we are reading The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall, next week I would like you to talk to the class about the books you are reading at home.

I am reading There's a boy in the girls' bathroom by Louis Sachar. What are your opinions of this books? Who would you recommend it to and why? Any ideas of what I should read next?

Your Times Table Rock Stars login has been sent home today. Please play the games at least three times a week - it will really help!

Continue to read this week. We will be having another book sharing next week where you can talk about your book and recommend it to each other.
 Practise your times tables this week. Draw a 13 x 13 grid and write the numbers 1 to 12 randomly across the top and down the side. Time how long it takes for you to complete it! Your target is 5 minutes!

 We have been practising words ending in 'cious' and 'tious'. Here are some examples:






Find some more and have a go at writing them


Also, don't forget to log on to Times Table Rock Stars at least three times a week!

Don't forget to look at your spellings too. This week we have been talking about short vowel sounds and double middle letters such as:





How many can you find that fit this rule?

Read this extract from Goodnight Mr Tom (some of you may want to get the book and read it all - it is fantastic and set during WWII).

Once you have read the extract, see if you can write down all the adverbs, verbs and adjectives.  Do you know the meaning of them all? If not, read them in context and see if you can work out the meaning.

We have now got six copies of 'Goodnight Mr Tom' and 'Letters from the Lighthouse' for you to borrow from school if you think they would interest you, just sign up on our reading board in the classroom! They are both fantastic books set in WWII. I was introduced to 'Letters from the 'Lighthouse' last year by a pupil and would highly recommend both books. You could even get our own copy......

Please continue to practise your times tables - it will help you long multiplication a great deal!

Also, try this spelling sheet..

Over half term, please research the Enigma Machine and be ready to discuss what you have found out when we come back to school.

Keep going with times tables. Play 'Hit the Button' online and continue with Times Table Rock Stars. Remember, you should be able to recall all your times tables to 12 x 12 in random order and as quick as possible!

 Please also continue to practise fractions. Here are some to try. Choose your level:

2/5 + 6/5

7/8 + 4/8

12/10 + 5/10

8/11 - 3/11

10/15 - 2/15


4/5 + 8/10

3/4 + 5/6

5/8 + 5/6

12/3 - 3/12

8/9 - 2/18


2  3/4 + 5/6

1  8/9  + 2/18

4  5/10 + 2/6

3  5/6 - 2/3

1  2/3 - 2/5


Remember to simplify then make up some more....



Carrying on from the work on fractions, please have a go at these:


2/3 x 5/6

7/8 x 8/9

1/2 x 4/10

3   6/7 x 7/9

5   3/12 x 7/8


3/4 divided by 7

2/4 divided by 9

9/10 divided by 6

5/6 divided by 2

4/8 divided by 8

Have a go at identifying what kinds of words these are. Are they verbs, adjectives, nouns or adverbs?








Now what do they mean? Use an online dictionary if you are unsure.

Please continue to practise your times tables. Ten minutes everyday will make all the difference!

 Have a go at these:

4    5/6  x 4

6    9/10 x 7

3    2/5  x 9

2  3/4  +  2/5

7  2/9  + 3/8


4567 + 98.67

4567 - 999

3006 - 889

567 - 56.987


456 x 45

654 divided by 16


56 + 8 divided by 2

7 cubed add 3456

8 cubed minus 5 cubed

High School Musical Cast - We're All In This Together (From "High School Musical")

Please practise the choreography for the chorus for our Christmas Nativity film :)

If you have lines for the Christmas play, please practise them and learn them as soon as you can! 2020 family, we would like to begin filming next week!