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Class 3 in action

Autumn 2 - Week 2

We also designed our own sarcophaguses. The children worked really hard to incorporate lots of detail. I know they will look fabulous when they're finished.

We had some mummies in class 3 today!

Autumn 2 - Week 1

In history this week we've looked at the process of mummification. A vital part of this, is using Canopic jars to store organs. We created our own Canopic jars, choosing different animals. In art, we drew them and used pastels to colour - thinking about shade, patterns and blending.

In PSHE, we explored what community means. We thought about the different communities we are part of e.g. church and school. We thought about all of the different people within these communities and their roles within.

Our first rehearsal with Michael! We had so much fun being creative and mastered some tricky partner work, quickly! Very excited to see what's to come next...

On Monday, we looked at creating questions to ask Flat Stanley. We then took it in turns to 'hot seat' and answer those questions, as if we were Flat Stanley.

Autumn 1 - Week 8

In art, we looked at proportions when drawing faces. We applied this, and sketched the face of a Pharaoh using ancient Egyptian statues as a reference

This week, in English were looking at Blurb's. After looking at the features of a blurb, we completed a matching task, which blurb matches the front cover?

Autumn 1 - Week 7

In PSHE, we've explored 'What makes a good friend?'

Our silhouette camel pictures are complete!

Autumn 1 - Week 6

Using 6 counters and a place value grid. How many numbers could we make?

Our first Road Safety outing today. The children listened carefully, and worked hard to observe their surroundings.

Autumn 1 - Week 5

In art, we've explored paint mixing to change the shade and tint of colours. We used this knowledge to create an ombre sunset effect, focusing carefully on blending. We've also practised sketching camels, to use as a silhouette. Next week we will piece together these skills to finish our artwork.

On Wednesday, we worked on our independent research skills to explore specific elements of the daily life of the Ancient Egyptians, that interested us. We created our first two page spread (non-chronological report). Finally, we shared these with class two, also looking at their two page spreads, on Florence Nightingale.

Today we looked at representing numbers to 1,000, using concrete apparatus.

Autumn 1 - Week 4

In R.E., we made houses out of Lego with no instructions. We then thought about how God has shown us his instructions to care for his creations, in the bible, and how we can do this in our daily lives.

Autumn 1 - Week 3

Music with Mrs West.

Working on our ABC's in P.E.

Focusing on our chronological knowledge, of historical events, in history today.

Autumn 1 - Week 2

In geography, we used an atlas to explore the seven continent's - looking closely at Africa and then Egypt.

In R.E., we explored God's creations, focusing particularly on nature. We then used materials we collected, to create representations of what we love in nature.

We also looked at Antoni Gaudi, exploring his use of the Trencadís technique. We created our own pieces of art, using this technique, with different materials.

On Monday, as part of our whole school Spanish day, we looked at how to say colours in Spanish. We also played a matching pairs game, it was great fun!

Autumn 1 - Week 1


We've had a great week settling into class 3, with lots of PSHE activities, art and creative writing!