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We are Class 4!

Learning to dance and play drums with the Pearl of Africa Children's Choir

This week we had great fun learning an African dance and how to play djembe drums with the children from the choir.

French Day Song

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This week in French and Music we have been rehearsing our performance with Mr. Quinn. Here's a sneak preview of class four's french day song 'Je Suis Mois' from the Greatest Showman. How impressive are these singing superstars?!!

Happy Birthday Autumn and Mia!

Class 4 pupils and teachers; Mrs Marshall, Mrs Cook and Mr Quinn would like to wish Autumn and Mia a very happy 9th birthday this week. We all hope you had a great day and got lots of amazing presents!

Investigating Evaporation

This week in Science, we have been learning about evaporation with Mrs. Marshall. Here we are investigating what factors might have an effect on the rate of evaporation.
Our two Roman soldiers. Sharing homework creating standards for their Roman legion.
Using concrete methods to solve addition and subtraction.
Rallying speeches as Boudicca!
Sharing our rallying speeches as Queen Boudicca in front of the class using some Drama techniques.
Art & DT!
Making pop-up Roman colosseums.
This week class 4 had a skipping masterclass with skipping expert Linda. Check out these skills from our very own Annalisa, Selina, Cayley, Ellen and Lucy in preparation for February's competition!

Class 4 Skip Dance Track.wav

This is class 4's track for our skip dance 'Dance Monkey / Doctor Love' remixed by our very own Mr Quinn!

Music and French

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This week in French and Music we have been learning the days of the week in French using body percussion. We found adding a beat really helped us learn the days of the week in a different language. 

Roman homework

Pop-up 3D Roman soliders made by the super-talented Ellen for her Art/DT homework. WOW!!!

Christmas Calenders

This week in computing we have been designing Christmas calendars with Mr Quinn. Here is Lucy and Cole's first attempt at designing the calender's sketch drawing!

Roman Artefacts

This week in History we created adverts for the Antique's Roadshow using the Roman artefacts we borrowed from the Discovery Museum. Here is Varun and Selina getting into character using some drama techniques and presenting their adverts to Mr Quinn.

History Homework

Here is a super piece of Art/DT homework by the very artistic Sophie. She has made her very own Roman shield to protect us from the Celts in class 4!

Singing in Music

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This week in Music we learnt the song “On My Way” from the movie ‘Matilda’. We challenged ourselves by adding in different beats and body percussion. 

Roman legacy rap

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Check out these expert rappers from class 4 who performed this rap with the help of Mr Quinn. Next stop for class 4 - Radio 1!

New topic - Rivers!

This term our topic in Geography is rivers which we started learning about this week with Mr. Quinn. Class 4 came up with some brilliant questions about what they want to find out during this topic:


"How did rivers retain their water?"


"Which river is the longest in miles?"


"Does the water cycle have anything to do with how rivers are formed?"


We can't wait to learn more interesting facts about rivers throughout the world and enhance our geographical vocabulary. 

Structure of a river

This week we made the most of the sunshine and done some topic work in our prayer gym space. We built our very own river and labelled the different parts: source, mouth, confluence, tributary. Here's class 4 working together and building their own river.

Structure and function of human teeth.

Dentistry work in Year 4 with Mrs. Marshall in Science. 

Drama for learning

This week we used some drama for learning with Mr. Quinn to help us with our story writing. Through our 'Rivers' topic we explored some of the species living in the Amazon River and created a story involving some of the most dangerous animals. We really developed our characterisation using some Drama and added in as much descriptive language as possible to really engage our readers in our stories.

Skipping Festival Semi-final

Earlier this month, Year 4 competed in the North Tyneside skipping festival semi-final. Class 4 demonstrated their individual and paired skipping skills, and performed a skip dance collectively together. Receiving the most points overall meant they came out of the heat in first place, winning a place in the North Tyneside final. Both Mr. Quinn and Mrs. Marshall are extremely proud of the class for their hard work and determination. Next stop - the final!