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The Pond

The Pond 


The children in Class 2 have decided to take on the huge challenge of developing the pond area. The area is very overgrown and messy. 





Today, we visited the pond. We are going to think about how to make the pond into an outdoor learning area. 





We have lots of ideas.




I think we should have a bridge over the pond.  Hunter E


A fountain would look good.  Esmai C


Bird houses would be nice for the birds to eat their dinner.  Eleanor M


Lots of fish for the pond.  Loris L


The trees need to be cut back. Jack D


An area for the minibeasts would be great.  Oliver E


Lots of flowers. Miley C


Frogs to live in the pond. Esme M


A ramp for the hedgehog. Isla T

Pond Pebbles

We painted minibeasts on pebbles. We are going to put the pebbles in our pond area.



Today, we started clearing the pond area.





It was hard work!



Pond Helpers


A big thank you to our pond helpers!



Pond Equipment


We have been very fortunate to receive a donation from Ian Fitzpatrick at Reading Solutions UK. We have bought lots of different things for our pond. We are looking forward to feeding the birds and planting flowers in our planting boxes. We are just waiting for the bird table to arrive. Thank you very much Reading Solutions for such a kind donation.


Thank you for giving us some money. We are very happy.  Oliver E


We are looking forward to making our pond into a beautiful area. Eleanor M


We can't wait to see the birds and the minibeasts come to our pond.  Erik D



We would also like to say thank you to Mr Wilson for putting our planters together.





This morning, we planted sunflowers, tomatoes and some other plants in our pond area.




Pond Helpers


Thank you!




Wow! It's beginning to look like a pond.






Ms Gibson, Mrs Wilson and all of her family, spent a sunny morning working in the pond. 



Today, we filled the pond with water. It was great fun!





We have been making a bug hotel. 




Isla's grandma gave us some ferns to plant.



Pond Helpers


Thank you!




Nesting Boxes



Look at the pond.






It looks amazing!

Today, we went on a minibeast hunt. We are now using the pond area for our learning.





This morning, we filled the planters with compost.




Look at our pond!