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Our Staff

Headteacher: Mr. R. Restall
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. K. Whitaker (Year 6, English, Music, Disadvantaged & Wider Opportunities)
Lower School
Early Years:
Mrs. M. Lisle (Nursery, Parent Partnerships and DT)
Mrs. A. Varty (Reception and Early Years' Lead)

Mrs. A. Heslop (TA Nursery)

Mrs. J. Billington (TA Reception)


Key Stage 1:
Mrs. S. Connolly (Year 1, Lower School PE)
Ms. L. Gibson (Year 2, Phonics, History and French)

Mrs. C. Wilson (TA)

Miss C. Wilson (TA - SEND support)

Mrs. S. Calzolari (TA - SEND support)


Miss K. Moffett (Art and Support)
Upper School
Key Stage 2:
Mr. N. Arnott (Year 3, Maths)
Mrs. L. Marshall (Year 4, Science)

Mr. G. Quinn (Year 4)

Miss S. Orr (Year 5, SENDCo)
Mrs. J. Cook (RE & PE)


Ms. J. Corrighan (TA - phonics and SEND support)
Miss G. Davison (TA - SEND Support)

Mrs. M. Hedley (TA)


Office Manager: Mrs. P. Laggan

Admin Assistant: Mrs. A. Bertram

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs. C. Wilson
Lunchtime Supervisors:
Mrs. A. Archibald
Mrs. L. Black
Miss K. Clasper
Mrs. C. Colley
Ms. J. Corrighan

Miss J. Hudson

Mrs. L. Knights
Facilities Staff:
Mr. P. McCarthy (Caretaker)
Miss K. Clasper
Mrs. J. McDade