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Our Staff

Headteacher: Mr Richard Restall
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Kate Whitaker (Class 6)
Lower School
Early Years:
Mrs Michelle Lisle (Nursery, Parent Partnerships and Lower School SENDCO)
Mrs Amy Heslop (TA Nursery)
Mrs Amy Varty (Reception and Early Years' Lead)
Miss Chloe Wilson (TA Reception)
Key Stage 1:
Miss Anna Armstrong (Class 1)
Mrs Marilyn Hedley (TA Class 1 - mornings)
Mrs Holly Barber (TA Class 1)
Mrs Rachel Jackson (Class 2)

Mrs Charlie Wilson (TA Class 2)

Mrs Claire Malone (TA 1-to-1 support)


Upper School
Key Stage 2:
Miss Georgia Davison (Class 3)
Mrs Lyndsey Devereaux-Headrige (TA support - Class 3)
Mr Gary Quinn (Class 4)
Mrs Linda Salsedo (TA support 1:1 and Class 4)
Miss Charlotte Parker (Class 5)

Miss Katie Bell (TA support - Class 5)

Ms Julia Corrighan (TA support 1:1 and Class 6)

Mrs Juli Billington (TA support - Class 6)


Mrs Lynn Marshall (Interventions & Team Teaching)

Mr Adam Hitchings (PE and PPA)



Office Manager: Mrs Alex Bertram

Admin Assistant: Mrs Claire Malone

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Charlie Wilson


Facilities Staff:
Mr Glenn Parr (Caretaker)
Miss Kath Clasper
Mrs Jean McDade