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Our Staff

Headteacher: Mr R. Restall
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs K. Whitaker (Year 6)
Lower School
Early Years:
Mrs M. Lisle (Nursery, Parent Partnerships and DT)
Mrs A. Heslop (TA Nursery)
Mrs A. Varty (Reception and Early Years' Lead)
Miss C. Wilson (TA Reception)
Mrs C. Malone (TA) 
Mrs A. Brown (TA) 


Key Stage 1:
Mrs S. Connolly (Year 1)
Mrs M. Hedley (TA Class 1 - mornings)

Mrs S. Cresti (TA Class 1 - afternoons)

Ms L. Gibson (Year 2)

Mrs C. Wilson (TA Class 2)



Upper School
Key Stage 2:
Miss S. Orr (Year 3, SENDCo)
Mr A. Hitchings (Year 4)
Mr G. Quinn (Year 5)
Mrs S. Brown (RE & PE)

Mrs L. Marshall (Science and PPA)


Mrs J. Billington (TA support)

Ms J. Corrighan (TA support)
Miss G. Davison (TA support)
Mrs L. Skelton (TA support)


Office Manager: Mrs A. Bertram

Admin Assistant: Mrs C. Malone

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs. C. Wilson
Lunchtime Supervisors:
Mrs A. Archibald
Mrs S. Cresti
Miss K. Clasper
Ms J. Corrighan

Mrs A. Brown


Facilities Staff:
Mr A. Watson (Caretaker)
Miss K. Clasper
Mrs J. McDade