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Monday 18th January


Problem of the day

33 A very fine pet is a polyhedron

Describing and visualising 2D shapes

Venn diagrams to sort 3D shapes

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Try the Venn diagram sorting game
This week we are going to look at 3D shape

Properties of 3D shapes

Surviving a horrid Victorian WORKHOUSE

Watch this to see some how some celebrities cope in workhouse conditions!

Watch this video and produce a poster giving information about Victorian workhouses. Think about the layout and look of your poster and include writing and pictures. You could include a 'Did you know?' section.

Workhouse London 1870 -1900 - - Journey To The Past

Tuesday 19th January

Problem of the day

Oliver leaves the workshouse meets Mr Sowberry and then the Artful Dodger! 

Oliver and the Sowberrys

 Now you have watched, listened to and read the part of the story where Oliver meets the Artful Dodger, I would like you to retell this part of the story from Dodger's point of view including speech. Who could this Dodger be? What might he have been doing in London? Was he watching Oliver for a long time before approaching him?

Oliver meets the Sowberrys then the Artful Dodger

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Oliver travels to London

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Oliver meets Dodger

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Oliver and Dodger dialogue to use in story if you wish

Now we have located and named the different continents and oceans, let's look closer to home. Have a look at the map of the UK. Use the internet to label each country and surrounding seas. When you have done this, try and locate some of the key cities and places you have visited. Start with Newcastle and the capital, London.

Today we are going to look at nets. Nets are 2D versions of the 3D shape. They can be folded to change from 2d to 3d. Use the online tool above to have a look. You can see they show you the shape of the shape of the faces.

How To Describe 3D Shapes

Three dimensional shapes are everywhere we look! See some of the basic 3D shapes comes to life in this Miniclip, complete with clear animations to show the f...

3D Shape Nets

Short animation of four basic shape nets of three dimensional objects.



PE with Mrs. C!

Happy Tuesday year 6! I know you don't usually do PE with me on a Tuesday but I will be putting your sessions on here each Tuesday so that you can get the week off to a great start! You can repeat the session as many times as you can. Grab a parent too! Well done that parent last week for participating - you know who you are!  smiley  yes






Wednesday 20th January

Problem of the day

Problems of the day

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Fagin character description


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Write your own character description of Fagin. Think about the descriptive language you use and describe his appearance, clothing and behaviour.


Choose one of the cities you labelled on the blank map of the UK yesterday. This task is very similar to the task on a European cities. Please research this city, write about any famous sites there are there and find out if any famous people come from here. You could choose somewhere you have visited or somewhere you would like to go.

Shape reasoning 1

Shape reasoning

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Oliver Twist - part 4

Here is a reading comprehension about Charles Dickens. Choose your level.
Today we are going to look at perspective again and try to add more detail to the street scene we started last week.


Science - The Results!

Hi Class 6, In week  1 I asked you to find some questions to ask using the equipment that I gave you. ( One cell and as many bulbs and wires as you wanted). The children in school also came up with some questions and then tested their predictions, some of their questions may have been the same as yours. Below I have attached photographs of their results. Take a look and see what they found out.

If I add longer wires into a circuit what will happen to the brightness of the bulb?

The Result:

The brightness of the bulb didn't change as the wires were lengthened.

If I add more bulbs to the circuit what will happen to the brightness of the bulbs?

Mrs Marshall's Challenge:

I asked you last week to predict what would happen to the brightness of the bulbs in the circuits below, what did you find out?


Y6 week 2 Challenge ( (1).mp4

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The Results

Did you predict that all of the the bulbs remained bright as you added more to the circuit? smiley
Thursday 21st January

Problem of the day

Problems of the day solutions

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Rounding revision

Rounding revision

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3D shape questions 1

3D shape nets questions

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You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two (from: "Oliver!" - 1968)

Nice song from musical movie "Oliver!" (1968).Ron Moody who acted as Fagin sang & danced very well. No surprise if at the year, he won Golden Globe as best a...

Today I would like you to write a response to the question 'is Fagin a villain?' 

Use evidence from the film you have watched and the text you have read to support your opinion.

French weather phrases

Revision of weather phrases in French.

Use an atlas on the internet to find and label these UK cities

Translate the English weather into French and find them in the word search.

Science - Living things and their Habitats (21.01.21)

This week we are starting our new topic. I would like to you to watch the video and complete the task that I set. I have included the photographs that you will need for your task below and also an example of one way that you could complete it.


Still image for this video

Here are your zoo animals. You can choose to use just the first page or if you want a challenge use the animals on pages 2 and 3.

Remember, there is more than one way to classify your animals as long as you can tell me why you have grouped them that way.

Friday 22nd January


Don't forget to practise your times tables. Why not try for a change?

Problem of the day

Problems of the day

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3D shape questions 2

Life of children in Victorian times

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I would like you to research what life was like for Victorian children in London. Use the sheet below and the internet to find information and present it in whichever way you choose, This could be a poster, fact file or paragraph.

Before you begin collecting your information and presenting it in different ways, I would like you to write an introductory paragraph to go at the top. I have included my example below:

Life in Victorian times

Have a go at this revision sheet on modal verbs