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Page 2: Summer Term

"Walking on sunshine" 🎵 ... or rather, learning in the sunshine!

This week in Class 4 we have been learning about robots, as part of our new class novel 'The Wild Robot'. Here we are making the most of the sun, doing some outdoor learning in the prayer gym. 

Say “Hello” 🎶 to our new virtual peers: Beth, Adam, Chloe and Deepak.

This week, we have been learning about expressing our feelings in PSHE. Here is some of Class 4’s work, containing suitable advice for the characters. 

“Blame It on the Weatherman” 🎶

This week, we have been writing our own weather forecasts in class 4. Using drama, we interacted with a map of the UK and read off cue cards. Here is Ethan, who would make a fantastic weatherman on TV. Nell would also make a brilliant producer. BBC News you will have to up your game, class 4 are ready to take over!

Anglo-Saxon village models in DT

This week, we created our own Anglo-Saxon village models in DT. Every single member the class, worked exceptionally hard on these projects. Well done class four!

Learning about archaeology and excavation in history.

Here is class four learning about archaeology and excavation, using drama and immersive learning. We had a very fun, jam-packed morning of role-play, improvisation and storytelling. The class know how much I love the arts, and it is clear they share my love of all things drama related! 🎭