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Monday Fun!

Hi Class 2,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I have got lots of exciting things planned for home learning this week. I am now working in school so hopefully the children might help me with some of your activities. Keep working hard! 


Talk for Writing


Another great writing unit to complete. 


BBC Bitesize


Maths - Fractions

This would be a good unit to go over with the children. Power Maths - page 68 - 71


English - Word endings


History - Who was Elizabeth Fry?

Growing Plants


Last week we looked at what plants need to grow. If you can, have a go at planting some seeds of your own.



Remember to water your plant regularly and give it lots of sunlight. What would happen if you didn't give your plant enough water? What would happen if you didn't give your plant enough sunlight? 




Colourful Flowers Experiment

Oak National Academy


Use this link to access daily lessons from the Oak National Academy.


In English, they are focusing on finding information in a text and using expanded noun phrases to write a character description. 

In Maths, they are focusing on capacity and volume.





A Whole School Story


Over the next few weeks we are going to be focusing on a story with the whole school. Today I've added the first character for you to look at. Think carefully about this character. What would you like to find out about her?

I've also added an activity to complete which I'm sure you will enjoy! 


A Whole School Story

BBC Bitesize


Maths - Learning about non-unit fractions.


Power Maths - Page 72


English - Using contractions in writing.



Make up your own 5 minute exercise routine.


Try and include lots of different kinds of exercises.

Castle Fun!

This activity is from Beth in Year 6. 


Pretend you live in a castle. Write a diary entry about a typical day. What will you do? Who will you meet? Where will you go? Will anything exciting happen to you? Think about your feelings too.


Try to:


*Write in sentences

*Write up to half a page

*Include some punctuation - capital letters, full stops, question and exclamation marks.




*Write a whole page

*Use inverted commas to show that someone is speaking

*Include an adverb



Beth would love to see some of your fabulous writing. 


Castle Recipe


This activity is from Ella in Year 6.


Design a recipe for someone who lives in a castle. You could look on the internet or even design your own. You might even want to design a menu for the Picky Prince! 



Ella would love to see some of your designs. 

Maths Games

BBC Bitesize 


English - Handwriting and commas in lists.


Science - Squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.


Maths - Finding a half of a shape and an amount.


Power Maths - Pages 76 - 79


This activity is from James and Anna in Year 6.

Build a castle!


Think about the different materials you might have at home. Design and build your own castle. 



BBC Bitesize


Maths - Finding a quarter of a shape and amount.

Power Maths - Page 80 - 83


English - Four types of sentences.

The Queen

I hope you have enjoyed our story so far. The Year 6 children have been thinking about the queen in the story. They have posted some activities for you to do.





Design and make a new crown for the queen. 



Draw a portrait of the queen.


Ella and Beth

Draw a new throne for the queen to sit on.



Make a stained glass window like the one in the tower. You could use lots of coloured tissue paper.



Design a new dress for the queen.





BBC Bitesize


English - Book Club


Maths - Position and direction in football!


Art - Sculpture


Fingerprint Art

Use only your fingertips and paint to create a picture.




Quick Draw

Set a 1 minute timer. Draw a quick doodle and see if the other person can guess what it is before the time is up.

More Maths Fun!