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Monday 8th February

Problems of the day

Problems of days

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Problems of the day

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Money - Primary

Introduction to money

Complete these calculations involving money. Remember you must answer in pounds and pence. you can't write £2.1 for instance, it would have to be £2.10.

£456.56 + 75p

£78.56 + £45.23

£236.56 - £4.23

£98.56 - 89p

£7,875,987 + £456

£89.99 + £5233

Spelling patterns

See how many more words you can find with the same spelling pattern. Use these in some sentences.
Research Victorian homes. What rooms did they have and what did they use them for? What Victorian features can still be found in homes from this period today? Do any of you live in Victorian houses?
Write a paragraph about Victorian homes.

Victorian houses

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Placing the Victorians in history

Place each event on a timeline (copy out rather than cutting and sticking).
Tuesday 9th February

Problems of the day

I hope you just attempted question 3 from the problems of the day sheet. 

Have a go at finding the common multiples of these numbers too:

4 and 5     up to 100

6 and 8     up to 120

3 and 9     up to 120

Money problems

Write an advert to persuade someone to buy this Victorian house

Look at the items below, which ones did the Victorians invent? Do some research and find out.

Victorian inventions



PE with Mrs. C!

Happy Tuesday year 6! Enjoy PE.





Wednesday 10th February

Problems of the day

Have a go at this SPaG test - then check your answers. Write out answers if you don't have a printer

Victorian inventions

Choose an invention to write a paragraph about.

Example paragraph



RE with Mrs. C!

Happy Wednesday year 6! Enjoy RE. smiley



Thursday 11th February

Problems of the day

Money problems - choose your level

Find out about Valentines Day

Begin planning your own story set in the Victorian era. Remember that you will have to use what you have learnt about this period in time to make your story historically accurate. You could look back at the vocabulary you have collected along the way to help you. Try to plan out the main characters and plot outline.

Story planning sheet

Science -Microbes (11.02.21)

Hi Class 6,

Do you know what a microbe is? In school, this week, we have been looking at different microbes and we have designed and made our own. I have included some information for you with pictures. I would like you to read the information and then, using the design sheet, design a microbe of your own. Give your microbe a name, tell me what type it is and if it is useful or harmful. Once you have decided what your microbe will look like, why not have a go at making it from things you have at home. I have included a picture of the viruses and bacterium, we made in school, to give you some ideas.

I hope that you enjoy finding out about microbes.

Mrs M.smiley


Our Viruses and Bacterium

Extension Task - Test your knowledge of Microbes.

Friday 12th February
Don't forget Zoom at 10am! Same details.........

Problems of the day

Complete a 13 x 13 times table grid please and play either 'Hit the Button' or 'Times Table Rock stars'
We have done lots of work on percentages but I have put this video on the page for a bit of a recap. Use your knowledge on percentages to complete the money problems below.

27 Percentimole

understanding the equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages

Money percentage problems

Begin writing your won story set in Victorian times.

Success Criteria

  • Consistent use of a range of punctuation
  • Conjunctions
  • Paragraphs
  • Speech punctuation and good balance between speech and action
  • Historical facts and language included

Valentine's Day reading comprehension - choose your level

Time zones

It's Valentine's Day on Sunday! Why not have a go at making a card for a loved one? You could even make one for your pet!

Here's one idea but there are plenty more on YouTube....

Easy and beautiful card for valentines day / valentines day card making very easy

diyvalentinesdaycard#valentinesdaycardhandmade#happyvalentinesdayHi friends!!! In this video i will show you how to make very beautiful and easy card for va...