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Regular Homework

Friday 18th September


Times Table Rock Stars


Log in and password details can be found in your child's reading diary. 


We will be working on the 2x table.


Have fun!





I have attached the common exception word list for Years 1 and 2. Have a go at reading the words and spelling them correctly. 


Choose a word from the list. Write the word in a sentence. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.

   The giant walked up the path.


Try adding an adjective to the sentence.

   The big giant walked up the long path.


Find another word and write a question. 







It would be useful for the children to know their number bonds to 10 and 20 off by heart.

Extra Maths 


Find pairs of numbers to make 100.

      60 + 40 = 100

      75 + 25 = 100

Friday 25th September




We have been looking at ways to improve our writing. We have been adding adjectives to nouns to create expanded noun phrases. 


The tall girl walked along the bumpy path.


I would like you to write some sentences of your own using expanded noun phrases. 





Please continue to read your books at home. I have really enjoyed reading Andrew's Bath with the class this week. Which books do you like to read? Draw the front cover of your book and write about your favourite part of the story. 



Please continue with Times Table Rock Stars



We have been finding different pairs of numbers that add up to make the same total.



0 + 9

1 + 8

2 + 7

3 + 6

4 + 5

5 + 4

6 + 3

7 + 2

8 + 1

9 + 0


Choose a different number and write down the addition pairs. Start with numbers up to 10. If you can, move on to numbers up to 20. 



Friday 2nd October




Writing Questions


This week we have been thinking about writing questions. I've attached some pictures for you to look at. Try and write lots of different questions for each picture. The pictures have some examples underneath to get you started. 


Alphabetical Order



Make a list of all the different activities that help you to exercise. Put the activities in alphabetical order.



Make a tally chart of the different fruits you and your family eat over a week. What's the most popular fruit? 

Write some questions of your own about the information collected. 




Numbots is a game that will improve your child's recall and understanding of number bonds, addition and subtraction facts. It can be played online or you can download the app onto Apple or Android devices. Your child's user name and password is the same as Times Tables Rock Stars. 

Introduction Week 

We would like your child to play the Story Mode and complete the Rust level. Each week we will progress to a different level. 


Don't forget to continue with Times Tables Rock Stars!

Friday 9th October



Please continue to learn your times tables using Times Tables Rock Stars.


Numbots - I would like you to complete activities 1-10 on the Iron Stage.


Fruit Shop

Imagine you have opened a fruit shop. Give each piece of fruit a price (up to 20p to begin with). Play shops with a family member. Choose the correct coins to buy a piece of fruit. How much would you have to pay for two pieces of fruit? Add the prices together and think about the coins needed to pay.




Create your own fact sheet about a British sports person. Remember to include their name, their sport, their age and their achievements in their chosen sport. 




Design a poster to encourage people to exercise. Remember to include the reasons why exercise is good for you.



Friday 16th October




Please continue with Times Table Rock Stars.


Numbots - I would like you to complete activities 11 - 20 on the Iron Stage.



Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

I would like you to practise counting on and back in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. 




Write about what you want to be when you grow up. What would you have to do for your job? What equipment might you need? Draw a picture of you doing your job.





A supermarket would like you to design a new healthy snack for children. Think about what this could be and draw the outside of the packet.




Friday 6th November



Counting on in tens from any 2-digit number.


26, 36, 46, 56, 66


34, 44, 54, 64, 74


Can you count backwards in tens from any 2-digit number?




I would like you to complete activities 21 - 30 on the Iron Stage.


Please continue with Times Table Rock Stars.



We are learning about materials in Science. Go on a materials hunt. List some of the different objects in your house and the kinds of materials they are made out of. 


Friday 13th November



Continue with Times Table Rock Stars



I would like you to complete activities 1-15 on the Tin Stage.




Measuring in centimetres


Measure the length of three different cooking utensils in your kitchen. This could be a fork, a teaspoon and a wooden spoon. Can you find the difference between the lengths?




Write a story about a mystery object found at the bottom of your garden. Use adjectives to describe your object. Write about the adventure you might go on with your object. 




Different materials can be used for the same thing. What can you find in your kitchen to show this? For example, bowls can be made from plastic and glass.




Friday 20th November




Continue with Times Table Rock Stars.

Numbots - I would like you to complete activities 16 -30 on the Tin Stage.


What does it weigh?

Use kitchen scales. Find a selection of objects and weigh them. Draw a picture of each object and write its weight. Which objects are heavier than a kilogram? Which objects are lighter than a kilogram?







Make a junk model with different materials. Write about how you made it. Remember to include words such as first, next, after that ..




Find and draw a picture of a house from the past. What materials is it made from?


Friday 27th November




Numbots - complete activities 31 - 40 on the Tin Stage.


Please continue with Times Table Rock Stars.



Hunt the Litre


Find a selection of household bottles, jars and containers. Draw and write the names of the three objects that hold more than a litre and the three that hold less than a litre.




Write some sentences about your weekend. Use different conjunctions to make your sentences longer. Think about using and, but and because in your sentences. 




Imagine you are a designer. Make a map of a new playground in the local park. Think about all of the exciting things you would like to include.


Friday 4th December




Continue with Times Table Rock Stars 


Numbots - complete activities 41 - 45 on the Tin Stage



Find the correct coins to make an amount using the shopping game.




The Stinky Cheese Man



The Stinky Cheese Man wants you to create a new friend for him. Describe what this new friend will look like. 







Write some directions for a member of your family to get from one part of your house to another.  Use words such as forwards, backwards, left and right.

Friday 11th December




Continue with Times Table Rock Stars.





Using different coins to make the same amount.


For example,




5p + 5p


2p + 2p + 2p + 2p + 2p

5p + 2p + 2p + 1p



Think of lots of different ways to make the same amount.



The Magic Paintbrush


We have been reading a story about a magic paintbrush. Every time the girl painted something it became real. Imagine you were given a magic paintbrush. Write about the kinds of things you would paint and the adventure you might go on with your paintbrush.




Some solid materials can be changed into liquid form. With an adult, choose an edible material and change it into liquid form. Write about what you did and draw a picture.