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Good Morning Nursery Class and welcome to a new week of learning activities!


Did anybody guess which minibeast we are going to be finding out about this week?  That's right bees!

I have heard lots of buzzing when I have been sitting in my garden on sunny days and my big girl Chloe is  a little bit frightened of them flying around so I thought, let's find out more about them to try and help her see how important and special they are!  Do you like bees or are you scared of them?  Do you know what bees do? Have you seen or heard them buzzing around outside?  Let me know what you think about them on the our Class blog!


Take care love

Mrs Lisle smiley

Busy Bees

You see them when it's warm outside, hanging out in flowers and working away. Bees! Check out what these buzzing insects are up to, and how you can tell the ...

Hello Nursery Class!


Here are the activities, for today, for you to try!

Don't forget you can send me pictures or a message on the class blog to let me know what you have been doing at home. 

Stay safe and be good for your grown ups and we hope to see you all soon!


Love from

Mrs Lisle

Happy Wednesday Nursery boys and girls!


We are continuing our learning all about bees today and I would like you to practise your counting.  Watch the powerpoint video to count all of the buzzy bees and then complete the activity sheets below!  If you have been doing any other numbers, counting or shape work at home I would love to see, so ask your grown ups to send me some pictures of the things you have been doing!  


Have fun and bee good always!


Love Mrs Lisle yes

Hello Nursery on this sunny Thursday!


I hope that you are all well and still having lots of fun at home!  It has been lovely to talk to some of you this week and hear what you have been doing at home and thanks to those that have sent me some photos and videos yes


Just a few activities for you to try out today. Some Phonics and a feely bag challenge which sounds like good fun to me! wink


I hope you enjoy whatever you get up to today!


Love Mrs Lisle 


The Bees Go Buzzing | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

A buzzy bee counting song to the tune of Two-By-two

Hello Tyler!

It is so lovely to see you and I love your new haircut! Very cool yes


Its Friday again!


Well what have you found out about bees so far? Do you know the very important job that they do?  Do you know what their home is called and the different names of the male/female bees?  I have attached some information for you below, for your grown ups to read to you, so see what you can remember. I thought they were fun facts!


Your activities for today are to practise writing like a buzzy bee, following the handwriting pattern sheets attached.


We would have been breaking up from school today for the Half Term holiday so please take a break from school work and have lots of fun this weekend - going out for walks, riding on your bikes/scooters, playing games, eating nice food and being kind and helpful at home!


Take care, love from

Mrs Lisle smiley