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The next part......

Draw your own map of the kingdom and either label it or make a key.

Adam's work on Troll Hunters!

Example story

Joel's example troll adventure story

Ewan's map of the kingdom

 Your next challenge is to write the beginning of your adventure story. Write in the first person, past tense as if you are the troll hunter arriving at the castle to begin your quest. Finish when you meet the queen for the first time.

I look forward to reading them tomorrow :)

See my example and Joel's work above for ideas......

Into the forest......

Here is some work on scale we will be doing today. Have a go at adding a scale to your map...

Persuasive writing. Imagine you have the option of keeping to the path or veering into the woods. What would be the positive and negative points to both?

How to introduce yourself in French | French - Virtually There: France

Here is a video to help you revise French introductions. We have been practising at school.

Today's word problems

Into the forest.....what could happen next?

Today's maths work

They adventure continues...

Classifying and and grouping plants | Primary Biology - Plants

Suitable for teaching 5 to 11s. This film takes an entertaining look at the simple classification and grouping of plants. Subscribe for more Biology clips fr...

 If you can't get out to search for plants etc this morning, have a go at drawing a forest filled with wildlife or google some specific plants or flowers and have a go at drawing each part carefully.