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Great Work Harry!

Talk for Writing - The Quangle Wangle's Hat

Oak National Academy - Weekly Link


English - Exploring features of a non-chronological text

Maths - Multiplication


BBC Bitesize

Maths - Measuring mass in grams

Power Maths - Page 116 - 119


English - Spellings and writing questions


History - Who was Mary Seacole?

A Whole School Story - Chapter 2 continued.

Brian and I would love to see your forest pictures from the story.

Maths Fun

The Forest


I would like you to write a description about the forest. Use your senses to help you. What can you see? What can you hear? What can you touch? What can you smell?


Science - Plant and Flower Hunt


When you are out for a walk try and find some of the different plants and flowers on the list. 


BBC Bitesize


Maths - Measuring mass in kilograms

Power Maths - Pages 120 - 123


English - Write your own counting poem


Geography - The Seasons



Tabby loves to read!

Maths Fun!

BBC Bitesize


Maths - Measuring capacity and volume


English - Exclamation marks


Science - Dinosaurs

Forest Activities by Year 6 


The Year 6 children have given me lots of ideas for you to try at home.


*Trap a troll - design a trap to catch a troll.

*Draw a new forest creature. What might your creature look like? Is it a nice creature?

*Draw a new flower/plant to go in the forest. Can you think of a name for your flower/plant?

*Make a collage using flowers.

*Design and make a house for a woodland creature.



BBC Bitesize


Maths - Measuring in millilitres

Power Maths - Pages 128 - 131


English - Alphabetical order


A Whole School Story - Chapter 2, Episode 3

A Whole School Story

More Activities


Create a comic strip about an animal who turns into a superhero. Which animal will you choose?




Describe the most disgusting meal ever! What is in it? Spaghetti worms, toenails on toast or something else?





BBC Bitesize


Maths - Friday challenges


English - Friday book club


Design and Technology - Sources of energy

Maths Fun