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Welcome to page 7. It was lovely to see you all on our Zoom meeting last week!


A whole School Story


Oak National Academy

Weekly Link

Maths - Adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers

English - Using expanded noun phrases to write descriptions


BBC Bitesize


Maths - Measuring length and height

Power Maths - page 100 - 111


English - Using verbs


History - Florence Nightingale! We all know about Florence. What can you remember?


Maths Fun


Science Sparks - Fun science activities to do at home with an adult.


Write a description about going on a troll hunt. Think about what you might see on your way. How do you feel on your journey? Are you scared? Are you excited? What will you take with you? Remember to write in sentences and include lots of adjectives.


A Troll Hunt

What will you need to take with you on a troll hunt? Make a list and explain what each item is for. 


A net to catch the troll.

BBC Bitesize


Maths - Compare length and height


English - Comprehension


Geography - Cities, towns and villages


Extra Task - Make a map of an imaginary city, town or village. What might you include?

Super Work Tabby!

Episode 4!!

I'd love to see some of your maps!


BBC Bitesize


Maths - Solving problems involving length and height


English - National Writing Day challenge


Science - What is sound?

Create your own animal

Could you combine two of your favourite animals? What will you call your new animal?


Make some wild art using sticks, leaves, flowers and anything else you can find outdoors. 



Maths Fun


BBC Bitesize

Maths - Comparing mass

Power Maths - Pages 120 - 123


English - Handwriting


Design Technology - Food nutrition



A Whole School Story - Chapter 2

BBC Bitesize


Maths - Challenge tasks


English - Friday Book Club


French - Food and Drink