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Week 8

Monday 1st March

Problems of the day

Problems of the day

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Problems of the day 2

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Let's revise fractions:

2  5/6  + 7/8

6  7/9  -  2/4

3/4  7/8

3  2/3 x 6/7

3 divided by 3/4

5/8 divided by 6


Fraction revision

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Fraction worksheet

Begin to make a set of Top Trumps for the main characters in Oliver Twist. What could the categories be?

Include Oliver, Fagin, Dodger, Nancy, Sikes and anyone else you can remember - you could even have Bullseye!

Top Trumps template

Begin to try and put together sentences based on your likes and dislikes

Tuesday 2nd March

Problems of the day

Problems of the day

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Problems of day 2

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Fraction worksheet

Write a blurb to go on the back of a copy of 'Oliver Twist'. Remember, a blurb gives just enough information about the story to intrigue the potential readers without going all the exciting bits away.

How to Write a Book Blurb

1 Keep it short. Book blurbs are generally not more than 6 or 7 lines.

2 Use extreme action verbs. Use adjectives like "sizzling", "crackling" or "shattering." Then there's the ever popular "spine-tingling" used for thrillers and supernatural fiction.

3 Make author comparisons. New authors are generally compared to well known ones. These comparisons can be made in a second or third sentence that compliments the original style assessment.

4 Describe the journey. Formulas like "The author takes us through..." or "(Author) introduces the reader to..." are often used to set the stage, giving the reader a preview of the setting or plot.

5 End with a bang. Those who are enthusiastic about a book will often include a recommendation at the end such as "A must-read."

Blurb examples

History KS2 | The Victorians: Charles Darwin | BBC Teach

Charles Darwin is one of the biggest names in science. A true Victorian explorer and scientist, he travelled the world to develop his theories.In this short ...

Find out about a famous Victorian and write about them. A short paragraph will do but remember to use conjunctions and a range of sentence starters.

Match the pictures with the words



PE with Mrs. C!

Happy Tuesday year 6! Enjoy your PE. smiley


Wednesday 3rd March

Problems of the day

Problems of the day

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Problems of the day 2

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Fraction worksheets

Fractions problems

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Fraction problems 2

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Colouring fractions of shapes

Colouring fractions

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Design a front cover for the story 'Oliver Twist'. Think about different fonts and how you can give the feel of the story with some basic pictures.

Oliver front covers

Using different fonts

Find out and learn about Dr David Livingstone

The Life of David Livingstone: Missionary to Africa

Few missionary names are as well known as that of David Livingstone. Dedicated to reaching Africa with the Gospel he was also an ardent explorer who traverse...



RE with Mrs.C!

Happy Wednesday year 6! Some tricky work today, just do your best. smiley


Cosmology and Evolution

Thursday 4th March

Problems of the day

Problems of the day

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Problems of the day 2

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Fraction worksheet

Just if you want to have a go.....

Fraction booklet

Today is World Book Day! Make sure you bring the book you're currently reading to school next week to discuss! Complete this comprehension, choose your level!

Nominate a book.....

Science - Harmful microbes (4.03.21)

Hi Class 6, 

Last week in Science we looked at helpful microbes, I hope that you all enjoyed finding out about yeast and other helpful microbes in foods. This week, we are looking at harmful microbes and how they spread. During the past year, we have all had to be aware of viruses and how to prevent their spread.

This week, I would like you to watch the video below and design a colourful and informative poster to help prevent the spread of microbes. Think about what we need to do; washing hands, catching a cough or a sneeze, using and disposing of tissues safely. You might want to include information on how microbes are spread, why hand washing is important, how we wash our hands correctly and maybe interesting facts about hand hygiene.

I look forward to seeing your posters, maybe you could bring them into school for us to display!

See you all soon Class 6.

Mrs M.smiley   


Friday 5th March

Don't forget to Zoom at 10! Use the same details.

I can't wait to have you all back next week! We will be starting 4 week unit on cars. If you have an good non fiction books that we could borrow, please label them with your name and bring them in.

We are able to use some shared resources when you come back but it might be a good idea if you could bring in your own stationary in a pencil case. See you soon!! smiley

Problems of the day

Complete a 13 x 13 grid and play online times table games

Complete the arithmetic test

Maths murder mystery

Nouns and verbs puzzle - if you haven't got a printer, just match the words with the definitions :)

French vocabulary - sports and hobbies

Choose some sports you like and dislike. Draw a picture to show this sport and write the name of the sport underneath.

Hobbies in French | Beginner French Lessons for Children

Please make sure, that when you come back to school, you bring a book with you that you have read before and would like to recommend to a class member. Be ready to talk about it to the class.