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 Today we will be learning about the 4 principles of survival. Watch the video and write about each principle. Then have a go at designing your own shelter.....

Today's Powerpoint

Bear Grylls' Survival School Season 2 Episode 1

We all enjoyed watching this....

 Today we will be thinking about famous polar explorers. Have a look at the Powerpoint I have created for today. You can always find out more information on the internet. After we have learnt about Robert Falcon Scott we are going to imagine we are a polar explorer and write a diary entry from out mission to reach the South Pole. Choose which part of the journey you are on. Have you just set off? Reached the destination or on your way back. Remember diaries are personal so add lots of thought and feelings!
 Have a look at Scott's hut!

Captain Scott's Hut | Frozen in Time | Cape Evans | Ross Island | Antarctica | HD

Scott's Hut is a building located on the north shore of Cape Evans on Ross Island in Antarctica. It was erected in 1911 by the British Antarctic Expedition o...

 Watch this video and look and listen for some familiar voices and faces!

Pets for kids in french - Sound and names

Teach your childs their first words in french. Traposo the bear shows them the jungle animals. Hear the name and the sound of the different animals. Share th...

Animals in French: As-tu un animal?

Learn Animal names in French: Pets, farm animals and more. Learn vocabulary in Sections. Pause and repeat. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Free French for kids. A Green...

Following on from your work on Robert Falcon Scott, design the inside of a base camp for a group of polar explorers. Rewatch the video from yesterday for ideas.
Next week we are thinking of going to the church for a short service to mark the end of Year 6 (details to follow). In preparation for this potential visit, I would like you to write down your favourite memory or few favourite memories from St Bart's. It could be to do with any year group or teacher. Maybe you've enjoyed a particular trip of visitor that has been to school or maybe a celebration such as Christmas or Easter. I look forward to reading them!

Bear Grylls' Survival School Season 2 Episode 2

Bear Grylls' Survival School: In Bear Grylls' Survival School, a group of 10 British kids will head into the wild for a 14 day trip into the remote Welsh mou...

Michelle Obama reads "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

We're delighted to have 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' be included in "Mondays with @michelleobama" read-along, brought to you by PBS KIDS Read-Along & Random H...

 What do these quotations mean in the story and what might they mean in real life?

"Unslumping yourself is not uneasily done"

"You'll join the high fliers who will soar to great heights"

"Your mountain is waiting"

"You'll come to a place where the streets are not marked"

"Games you can't win, 'cause you'll play against you"

Have a think about which option you would choose for each question and why!

 Choose one question from the power point to write a more detailed answer to! 

Hot air balloon challenge