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The Great Fire of London


Class 2 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. 




It was back in 1666.   Oliver D


It was a huge fire that lasted for days.   Jack D


It started in a bakery on Pudding Lane.   Thomas M


The fire went really quickly through the city. It even got to St. Paul's Cathedral.   Jack B


The fire spread for miles and miles.  Eleanor M


Samuel Pepys wrote all about it in his diary.  Archie R



We made houses just like the ones in the fire. 



  We even made our own bakery.

Mr Stutt came to school to help us burn the houses down.


We took the houses outside.


We went to the field and we put the houses in a line. In the real fire all of the houses were really close together and they were made out of wood. This made the fire spread really quickly.


It was great fun!


It was so much fun watching the fire.  Erik D


It was so cool.  Oliver E


I felt super excited watching the flames.  Dominic G


I loved it!  Sienna M



Mr Stutt showed us how to light a fire safely. We toasted marshmallows.


The marshmallows were so tasty.  Loris L


They were nice. Bobby D


Yummy!  Miley C


They were delicious.  Esmai C

We tried to use flints.


Thursday 11th March 2021


We are so happy to be back in school with all of our friends. This week, we have been learning about Mr Benn. We have been trying hard to improve our writing. Today, we wrote letters inviting Mr Benn to our class. We would love to see him. 



Friday 12th March


Today, Mr Benn visited our class. He was so happy with our writing. We asked Mr Benn lots of questions about his life. 


What were you like as a child?  Hunter E


Which city do you live in?  Evie C


What's your favourite costume?  Heidi K


How old are you? Oliver D


When is your birthday? Erik D


Do you like to go on different adventures? Oliver E



Journey Around the World



This week, we visited Africa. We made passports and travelled by aeroplane to Kenya. We had lots of fun!



Captain Erik


 Cabin Crew - Mrs Marshall




Safari Adventure


This week, all of the animals escaped from their enclosures. It was great fun finding them!





Ball Skills







In Music, we have been learning about body percussion. Mrs Clarke has been working with us every week. Take a look at our body percussion performance. Mrs Clarke thought that we were fantastic!

body perc.mp4

Still image for this video


We are learning to play the recorder. It's lots of fun!







This week, we have been searching for minibeasts. We had lots of fun! 




Keeping fit and healthy





Uncle Beard's Garden


Today, we took part in drama activities to learn about bees.






We have been planting in our pond area.




For weekly updates, please look at our pond page.