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week 2 11.1.21


Monday 11th January 


Good Morning Reception! I hope you have all had a restful weekend and a ready for another week of online learning at home. It is strange being in school and not being able to see you all, but Miss Wilson and I are really enjoying seeing photographs and videos that you have been sending us on Tapestry. Keep up the good work! 




On Friday in school your some of your friends were talking about animals that live in cold places. We decided that we would like to find out more about polar bears-what they like to eat, why they have white fur and how they survive in such cold temperatures! To begin our week I would like you to watch the episode of Andy's Wild Adventures. Can you tell me 2 or 3 facts about polar bears? You can either draw pictures to show me your facts, record a video of yourself telling me your facts or as a challenge you could write a sentence with a little bit of help from your grown up. Don't forget to try and sound out some of the words yourself before you write.





This week we will be exploring numbers 9 and 10. We will be counting, partitioning ('breaking up' or 'dividing') and matching an amount of objects to a number. We will be using lots of new equipment to help us. 


Today we are learning about the number 9. You will need numbers 1-9 written on large pieces of paper. Quick flash cards! Can you recognise all of the numbers to 9? Challenge! Try hiding one of the numbers from the set. Can you tell which number is missing? 

Numbers really are everywhere! Your activity today is to see how many 9's you can find in your house. This could be 9 objects, the numeral 9, it is up to you! Can you take a photograph of all of your 9's and send it to me? Have a go at writing the number 9 using the number formation cards shared on Tapestry to help you. 


Challenge time! 

Using 2 coloured pens, how many different ways can you draw 9 dots? e.g 5 red and 4 blue. As an extra challenge you may even like to write a number sentence using + and = to show your working out. 







You will need: I  the to no go into written by an adult on pieces of paper (in red pen if possible) 

Tricky word staircase!  

ask your grown up to place your tricky words on different stairs. As you climb the stairs, can you say the word that you land on? Can you reach the top of your staircase by saying all of your words? 


Today we will be reviewing the letters we have learnt so far. Please practise naming and sounding the letters from last week and have a go at writing them, using the formation pictures to help you.




Phonics Challenge! Can you decide if the answer to the question is yes or no


Can a jet go on a jog? 


Have a lovely day smiley




Tuesday 12th January 


Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying finding out about polar bears this week. Did you know that polar bears like to swim? In fact, they can swim for 30 miles in 1 stretch! How amazing! 

Here are your activities for today. 




Today I would like you to create your own piece of polar bear artwork, using whatever you have available at home. This could be: 

A painting 

A sticky picture using collage 

A drawing using cold colours (eg purple, white, silver) 

It is up to you. I have added some photographs to give you some ideas. I can't wait to see what you come up with! 






In maths today we are going to be using a part-part whole to partition (or 'break up') the number 9 into two smaller groups. Please watch Mrs Varty's video to help you. How many ways can you make 9 using your part-part-whole? Take a photograph of your work to share on Tapestry. 

Challenge-as an extra challenge, you may like to have a go at recording what you have found out in a number sentence-eg 5+4=9

Intro to part-part-whole

Still image for this video


Still image for this video




Today we are learning a new sound...X!  Bounce the sound....x....x Use the RWI picture to help you write the letter, using the correct formation. Can you think of a word beginning or ending with the sound X


Mission to Mars

You will need: A sweetie 

A strip of card and a plate 

a selection of simple words written on pieces of paper (or you could use single letters if this is too tricky)


The object of the game is to see how many words you can segment (sound out) and blend to get to the sweetie on the plate. Examples of words you could use are 

jet  fox   box  jam  web wet man  sun  hat  bag  cup  

Remove a word or letter card after it has been sounded out to get closer to the sweetie prize. 

Below is a photograph of how to set the game out (courtesy of I hope you enjoy it :-) 


Mission to mars game (please use simple, regular words when you play this game at home)


Have a lovely Tuesday! smiley


Wednesday 13th January 


Good morning everyone! Thank you so much for your super Polar bear fact videos. I am really enjoying seeing all of the super things that you are doing at home. 

Here are your activities for today. I hope you enjoy them :-) 


(Tomorrow we will be using ice, lard and plastic sandwich bags to complete a polar bear science experiment. You may want to prepare these ready for our activity) 


Let's start our day with Phonics. Follow the videos below. 


Challenge! Have a go at including one of the words in 'Spin the Wheel' a sentence. 

Our new sound

Still image for this video

Writing our sound

Still image for this video

blending with new sound

Still image for this video

Spin the wheel!

Still image for this video





Today I would like you to listen to the story The Polar Bear and the Snow cloud by Jane Cabrera (link below) 

Please can you answer these questions and record a video to share your answers. 


Can you tell me what happened in the story? 

Why did you think the friends kept melting away? 

Why do you think the polar bear wished for a friend? 

What snow friend would you have made? 





The Polar Bear And The Snow Cloud Read Aloud Story

More polar bear facts!

POLAR BEAR * | Animals For KidsQuality, educational videos for kids. Made in the UK.Subscribe to All Things Animal TV! here:


We're going on a 10 hunt! 


Today we are exploring the number 10! Can you find me 10 objects from around your house? Can you write the number 10? Challenge! Can you find me a way to make 10, using 2 numbers or 2 amounts of objects? Using your part-part whole model, can you show me a way to partition the number 10? Don't forget to share your work on Tapestry. 







Thursday 14th January


Good morning boys and girls! I hope you are all ok and are working hard on your home learning activities! 



Today in phonics we will be learning another new sound! Now we have learnt all of the single letter sounds in our alphabet. Please follow the videos below. 


As an extra challenge, can you write this sentence (parents, can you say the sentence for your child to write). Don't forget your sound friends! 


Pull the zip up. 

Intro to phonics

Still image for this video

Our new letter

Still image for this video

Blankety blank....blankety blank!

Still image for this video




Today for our topic we are going to complete a science experiment! We are going to find out how polar bears keep warm in such cold temperatures.  You will need: 



two sandwich bags 

a bowl 

a glove 

ice cubes 


Follow the instructions on the linked PDF below. I hope you have lots of fun and don't forget to send me photographs of your super science work! 

Polar Bear blubber experiment




In maths today I would like you to use your part part whole and 10 objects to count with. Can you find the missing number? Follow the video below :-) Have a lovely day! 

Missing number maths

Still image for this video


Friday 15th January 


Well, we have reached the end of another busy week of home learning! I am so proud of you all, you are working so hard and Miss Wilson and I have loved seeing your videos, photographs and messages on Tapestry. Thank you boys and girls (and a big thank you to your grown ups as well!) 


Next week we will be exploring Ice. Over the weekend, please can you make-

* Ice cubes 

* A frozen toy, using a small plastic toy in a small tub filled with water. You may want to add food colouring and glitter. 

* Frozen paints using a small amount of paint in an ice cube tray filled with water (2 or more colours if possible). You may want to add lolly sticks to make handles. 

Physical Friday! 


Today we will be completing activities to support our fine motor and gross motor skills (little movements and big movements). To start our day, please follow one of our favourite Wake Up Shake Up routines with your family. Can you show them the actions that we like to do at school? I hope you have lots of fun! 

Cat Party wake up shake up




Please can you practice writing your numbers today? You can use the number formation rhymes that I have sent on Tapestry. You may also like to follow the Jack Hartmann video below. 

Challenge-once you are confident at writing numbers 0-10, have a go at writing numbers to 20. Can you write all of your numbers the right way? 

Number formation song




Today we are going to make cloud dough to help us to strengthen our fine motor muscles! Follow this simple recipe to make it 


You will need: 

1 cup of hair conditioner 

2 cups of corn flour

Food colouring (optional) 

glitter (optional) 


Mix the conditioner with the food colouring and glitter first. Then add in the corn flour. Mix it first with a spoon and then knead it with your hands. If it seems too dry, add more conditioner. Too sticky, add more corn flour. What does it feel like? Can you make a wiggly worm, sausage, roll a ball with it? 




We have been taking part in the Cosmic Kids Yoga sessions this week at school. This session is all about polar bears! I hope you enjoy it :-) 

Joybob The Polar Bear | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!





In phonics today I would like you to review (recap) the sounds that we have been learning this week. We will be moving onto tricky sounds next week and will learn some new sound friends! 


Tricky word penalty shoot out! 

Please can you practise your tricky words by playing this game? (see photo from Phonics Family below)  

You will need: 

Milk bottle lids (if possible. You could use any lid from your recycling box) 

a counter 

small pieces of paper with I, the, to, no, go, into 

A goal (either made from building bricks or a box) 


Use a lid to flick the counter into the goal. Can you say the words as you move each lid? Perhaps you could write your score down and have a challenge with a member of your family! 

Penalty shoot out



Please follow the videos below. Don't worry if you haven't got any snow left in your garden! A pen and paper will be perfect :-) 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Have a lovely weekend!

Still image for this video