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Class 3 in action

Music with Mrs West.

Practising and adding detail to our woolly mammoths

Magnets, magnets and more magnets! We had great fun today exploring magnetic fields, magnetic Vs non-magnetic items, magnetic strength and the magnetic poles. Watch out over next half term for our D.T. project - making a game incorporating magnets!

A class game of Ollie Ollie octopus to finish off our week.

Painting our woolly mammoths. Next step, adding details. Stay tuned...

Working hard to create a PowerPoint presentation on Deforestation, in computing. Excellent work so far!

Enjoying a cupcake, courtesy of the birthday girl - thank you!

Drawing the parts of a flower, in science.

Using some drama in English to explore synonyms for said.

Working in partners in English. We came up with some fantastic examples of direct speech, thinking of what the woolly mammoth (from our current story), might say.

A little bit of bench ball to start off our week!

This afternoon, we pretended we were in caves to do our cave drawings - following on from our history lesson earlier in the week.

Some fantastic determination exhibited today, whilst looking at coding, in computing

An excellent introductory lesson to the keyboards today, by Mrs west. We focused on hand placement. Looking forward to the progression!

In science, we played a picture/definition matching game relating to our topic plants, for our starter activity to check our knowledge before continuing.

This week's guinea pig team.

We've been looking at the Stone Age as part of our new history topic. This week, we looked at hunter-gatherers and explored the outside to see if we could find items we could use for shelter, food, water for example. The children really enjoyed this and came up with some fantastic ideas!

Daily mile day!

We practised sketching guinea pigs before using tracing paper to ensure each copy was identical. Some excellent pop art guinea pigs!

This week's guinea pig team.

Some examples of our pastel interpretations of 'A tiger in a tropical storm' by Henri Rousseau.

This week's guinea pig team.

For autism awareness week, we looked at what autism was, dispelled some myths, looked at how others may communicate (thinking about facial expressions, body language and gestures) and our feelings and how this may differ for people on the spectrum. The children were very inquisitive.

We had some time in groups, to play games, in order to strengthen social skills and the friendships within the class. Great fun!

Wednesday mornings are class 3's turn to help out with the guinea pigs. We feed them their fresh & dry foods (some of which the children kindly and enthusiastically brought in today), give them fresh water, have a little tidy up if necessary and make sure they're okay. This group did an excellent job today and even managed to entice Bruno up the ramp for some broccoli!

Mary Poppins is ready to view. We had so much fun rehearsing and filming - hope you all enjoy!

Practising our pastel skills in art this afternoon.

In computing, we had another look at spelling shed to make sure we know how to log on and navigate the website.

In music we've been composing independently and practising them on different instruments.

Our first ever attempt at drawing a line graph, in science today. Excellent job!

Some of the amazing two page spreads we've completed this week, in geography.

Do you wanna build a snowman? We challenged the other classes to a building competition, we had so much fun!

We've done lots of maths today for world maths day 2023. We looked at money, completed some quizzes and explored how maths is incorporated into the world around us - we looked around school to find numbers, shapes and repeating patterns for example. The children did a fantastic job!

This week we've started our very first two page spread, in geography. Can't wait to see the end result!

In computing today we had a look at Spelling Shed and tried out some of the games. The children have a copy of their logins and are able to access this at home to practise and improve spelling.

Sometimes you just need to dance on the hill!

Still image for this video

Our budding musicians

We've had lots of fun practising our performing arts project, over the past few weeks and recording it this week. Just some editing to do and all will be revealed. Exciting times..

Some more gymnastics, getting better and better!

Sometimes you need to finish a Friday dance party with a conga!

Music with Mrs West - we are so pleased she is back, the children love these lessons!

In PHSE we've been thinking about values and have ordered values based on what is important to us. Linking closely with our worship, we've explored our school values and will continue this in upcoming weeks.

We've been looking at how to say different fruits in french - a great opportunity to recap colours too!

On Tuesday, the gym equipment was out for other classes P.E. lessons - we took advantage and had a turn during lunchtime. Fantastic fun!

We've been doing lots of writing about The Twits including making up our own tricks and thinking about how characters feel (mainly the poor boys who got stuck in the tree), we dramatically performed some of them to the class this afternoon.

Gymnastics! I was blown away today by the determination the children showed in perfecting their skills. They've been working on different ways of movement and using different levels, during P.E. with Mr Hitchings.

After practising our sketching skills and looking at paint mixing, we have drawn our own rainforest leaves and painted them ready for our display.

Looking at rainforest animals, what are they? What layer of the rainforest do they live in?

Working together in Maths.

We've also began reading our new class novel, 'The Twits'.

We've looked at paint mixing and how to change the shade and tint of colours.

It's been full steam ahead this week as we introduced our new topic Rainforests!

What a week to finish off the term! We've been so busy with a myriad of Christmas crafts, our Christmas party, scavenger hunts and to finish it off, toy day - featuring some Grinch cupcakes. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, see you in 2023 😁

The children have worked so hard on their Grinch scripts and delivered them to the class this afternoon. Amazing work - we do love a bit of drama!

Our Christmas window looking absolutely fabulous!

And the result are in... Jensen won! His reward, you may ask? His picture on our Christmas window

Christmas PJ day finished by watching The Grinch and eating some popcorn!

Getting started on our Christmas window, no spoilers!

We've been looking at script writing and have split into small groups to write our own script for The Grinch - which we will perform to the rest of the class on Monday

We've been looking at Spain, which is our World Cup country. We've been looking at how to say colours in Spanish, looking at different flags, as well as conducting some independent research, on the I-Pads, to gather information to create a poster.

Using pictorial and written instructions to help us sketch.

The competition between year 3 & 4, is on!

Rehearsals in full swing

We've been getting into the football spirit. We watched the first England match on Monday afternoon!

Some Children In Need fun, from today.

We had a fantastic time at The Great North Museum: Hancock!

Today we have predicted how many grams we thought made up a portion of different foods. We used the food labels, on the packaging, to find the correct answers and used scales to weigh out the amounts.

We've had a busy afternoon making poppies to commemorate all those who lost their lives during the war. We looked at what the different coloured poppies symbolise and the children chose which they'd like to make. This is now being hung in the teaching hall for the rest of the school to see.

Some of the lovely leaflets, looking at all things Egypt, that we've been working on this week during our English & History lessons.

We love playing spider to practise our year 3/4 spellings

Our Christmas production rehearsals have started!

This week we used different materials to build a model pyramid. It really helped our perseverance and problem solving skills!

Some action shots from our Hockey practise.

On Tuesday, we had a science day to finish off our Rocks and Soils topic. Here are some pictures of our last experiment, testing the permeability of different types of soil.

We have designed our own canopic jars and sarcophaguses.

In Science, we have been investigating how permeable and durable different types of rocks are.

Becoming mummies

Last week, we finished our first class novel 'Flat Stanley and the Great Egyptian Robbery.' Today, we introduced our new book, which has some beautiful illustrations. 

In Maths, we have been working in pairs using different concrete apparatus to make sure our understanding of place value is secure.

We have been venturing into our topic, 'Ancient Egypt' and the children have had some excellent ideas as to what they thought artefacts were called, made from and used for. We had a particular look at the pectoral jewelry and we even turned our hand at making our own, out of clay, which we will paint next week.



On Tuesday, we had our tea party to commemorate The Queen. We ate biscuits, scones, vegetable sticks and crackers and washed it down with some juice! We had a great time talking with other children from KS2 and some of us did a spot of colouring.