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Friday 14th January 2022



Have a go at the questions in this booklet class 5. We have covered all of the learning in this booklet, either in year 4 last year, or in year 5 this year.



Here is the last 3 chapters of Holes for you listen to, as we have now finished this novel in class.

Holes Chapters 48-50

Chapters 48-50 of Louis Sachar's novel Holes, read by Ms. Mason.Please note that chapters 1-47 have been read by another teacher at:

Thursday 13th January 2022




Here is today’s maths activities Year 5. We are going to focus on long multiplication today. Here is an explanation before you have a go at some questions. 

Don’t worry if you find this difficult, this is our first time doing long multiplication this year. We will get there!







Here is a comprehension to work through today Year 5. Read the text a couple of times, to really take in the information. 

Wednesday 12th January 2022



Today, we are focusing on multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Here is some calculations to start with. There is also some challenges below the main activity, for you to have a go at as well. 



Extension challenges





I would like you to do some research today about the River Tyne. You may have seen this river in person before, when walking along the Newcastle Quayside.


Find out some interesting facts about the River Tyne. Where is this river’s mouth? Where is this river’s source

Here is a template you can print off, or you can design your own!



Tuesday 11th January 2022



So far this week, we have been recapping our understanding of short multiplication. Have a go at these calculations:

Here is an extension. You will have to use different representations to calculate your answer.





I would like you to write a diary entry as Stanley, about his experiences living in the desert with Zero. How do you think he would be feeling? Here is an example I have made for you.