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PE and Sports Premium

Updated November 2018


From the 1st September 2013, the Government released extra money to schools to improve the quality and breadth of Sport and PE provision.
This funding, the use of which will be inspected by Ofsted, is to "increase participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of."
We intend that the money is used to ensure long-term impact.  To do this we have invested in staff training and local competitions, as well as purchasing a new scheme of work and equipment for the children.  Newer sports have been introduced, such as fencing and basketball.  Judo was included as an new after-school club.
A particular focus in 2014-15 was on basketball as we developed our partnership with Newcastle Eagles.  The children play and practice each day and our school became the local champions!
St. Bart's entered into an extended agreement with Longbenton Community College for their PE specialists to deliver high quality lessons and coaching for our children.  They also be worked with our staff in their own professional development in PE and Sports.
We are looking at other providers and opportunities to enhance and resources our PE curriculum and extra curricular activities.  Our House System is being used to develop friendly competition and participation within school.  We are also exploring opportunities with other local primaries to establish more sporting competitions.

In 2015-16, significant investment was made in line markings and equipment to develop our external space for PE use.  A new scheme of work was also purchased which provides activities for skills development throughout the school.  In order to increase participation, the cost of PE and sports activities were subsidised and this saw a large uptake in further sporting activities.


Our new site offers many opportunities for further PE and sport provision.  Old and tired PE and sports equipment is being replenished as part of an ongoing programme and we are currently working with St. Stephen's as we develop our shared resources.


Some funding was carried forward from previous years whilst we assessed our new provision.  This means that spending increased during 2015-16 and 2016-17 whilst any gaps in provision were filled.


During 2016-17, there continued to be a high uptake in sporting activities through subsidies.  The covering of transport costs to various events meant that a wider range of events could be accessed.  Further work on our outdoor provision has allowed wider access to the school site, building on the CDP for adventurous activity challenges, both individually and within a team, provided by the Local Authority during the Autumn term.  Our older equipment needed significant maintenance and a programme of replacement has begun.  Our new "Fit-Stop" initiative, supported by staff CDP, engaged the whole school in a daily fitness activity - on the playground to music!


In 2018, as well as further developing our site, we began partnerships with Newcastle Football Foundation and Star Strike Soccer to provided further opportunities for participation and skills across the whole school.  Targeted lessons and clubs will continue into 2019.


Further details for coming years will be posted here in due course.


For the current Year 6 cohort, 19 of the 30 pupils are competent, confident and proficient at swimming 25m or more.  These pupils can use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.  Extra "catch-up" swimming lessons have been offered to non-swimmers during the Autumn term (2018) to increase this number.

Funding received for 2015/16: £8,795


Spending 2015/16 (including carry forward)

Clubs: £833.33

Competition Transport: £366.50

Pedometers: £150

Sports’ Day: £31.80

External equipment for EYFS & KS1: £2669.53

External equipment for KS2: £3238.26

Storage: £450.33

SLA £580



Funding received for 2016/17: £8,865


Spending to date for 2016/17 (including carry forward)

CDP: £337.50

Clubs: £1,970

Competition Transport: £340

Equipment: £1,896.46

Sports’ Day: £19

Markings: £4,622

Wall Targets: £1,644.50

SLA: £580

TOTAL SPENDING: £11,319.46


Funding received for 2017/18: £16,220


Spending to date for 2017/18:

Clubs: £2,300

Reduced sports' club costs: £3,590

Competition Transport: £520

Equipment: £2,382.53

Sports’ Day: £20

SLA: £580

Specialist teaching in Key Stage 2, supporting long-term staff development and strategy in PE and Games: £5,975


TOTAL SPENDING: £10,456.53

Funding received for 2018/19: £16,220


Spending to date for 2018/19:

Clubs: £920

Reduced sports' club costs: £1,355

Competition Transport: £460.60

Equipment: £3010.04

Repairs: £539.11

Sports’ Day: £55.50

Local Authority SLA: £675

Skipping School: £810

Dance and Choreography: £1,350

Newcastle United Foundation "Primary Stars" SLA: £2,850

Swimming "Top up" for those who need extra support beyond Class 3: £1764

Specialist teaching in Key Stage 2, supporting long-term staff development and strategy in PE and Games: £


TOTAL SPENDING: £13,789.25 (to date)