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Hello Class One,

This is our new home learning section of our class page.

While we are not together in school I will be uploading activities every day that you can do with your families.

I miss seeing all your lovely faces and sharing our learning in our classroom but this is a way we can keep in touch during this unusual time.

Take care of yourselves and your families, 


Mrs Connolly, Mrs Tindall, Mrs Hedley, Mrs Cresti and Miss Moffett

Tuesday 5th January 2021


This week we are going to be looking at number bonds.

Do you know which two numbers you can add together to make 10? For example 5+5=10

Can you find all 11 different pairs of numbers?



Number bonds to 10 video

Super maths work!


Try this challenge:

Great choices!


Today we are going to be matching upper case and lower case letters. 

Below I have attached some cards you can download to play a matching pairs game, or you could even make your own with paper.

I have also uploaded a worksheet for you to complete.

Super matching.

Wednesday 6th January 2021.


Today I would like you to look at the different ways to make 5 by adding two numbers together.

In school we use double sided counters to help us with our maths problems. You could make your own using cardboard or paper.

Select 5 counters and then turn them all to blue side. How many blue counters have you got? Then turn one counter over to the green side, how many blue counters can you see? How many green counters can you see? Repeat this process until all you have turned over all the counters to the green side. I have attached slides below to show this.

Once you have managed this have a go at writing the number sentences to match, for example when all counters are on the blue side it would be 5 blue and 0 green is written as 5+0=5. 



Today I want you to practise reading and writing short sentences. I have uploaded some cards you can download to play a matching game and then have a go at writing a few of the sentences from the lists below.

You could make your own cards by writing words on cards twice and play matching pairs or hide them around the house and find the pairs. 

Words you could use:

Just, tent, milk, soft, lamp, belt, help, went, band, dent, felt, gulp, wind, nest, sink, hunt, best, lift.


Sentences to write. Your parent should read a sentence to you and then you need to have a go at writing the sentence.


Our new topic in science is materials. 

I would like you to look around your home and/or garden and find objects which are made out of different materials. You could draw pictures of the items you find or even write a list with headings.
















Thursday 7th January 2021. 


Today we are going to be looking at bar modelling, this is something we had looked at before the Christmas holidays, I would like you to use any construction toys you may have (lego, duplo, stickle bricks, etc) to make numbers up to 10.

You need to choose only two colours of blocks and place the same coloured pieces together as below. 

The bar model above shows a whole number of 5 made up of two parts; 3 and 2.

Once you have created a bar model have a go at writing the two addition sentences to go with your model. The addition sentences for the one shown would be:



I can't wait to see your bar models!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

In our English lessons we are Going to be looking at the story of The Three Billy Goat Gruff, watch this video of the story being told, after watching have a try at answering the questions with a grown up.

What is the title of this story?

What is the setting of this story?

What happened at the beginning?

What happened in the middle of the story?

What happened at the end of the story?


Challenge questions.

How do you think the goats might of felt as they began to cross the bridge?

How do you think the goats felt at the end of the story?

What words could we use to describe the troll?



Today we are looking at writing the letter x, The rhyme for x is "Down the arm and leg and repeat on the other side"

Use your magic pencils (index fingers) to write the letter in the air while saying the rhyme, then practise writing this letter on lined paper. Don't forget to sit your letters on the line and the letter x is a small letter and should be half the size of the width of the line.

Below are the Rhymes for all the other letters. I have also attached slides that show the letters with their accompanying rhymes. once you have practised x why not try another letter. 

Friday 8th January 2021.



Phonics Play is a website we use in school in our phonics lessons, it has many games to explore. Follow the link below and use the username and password as shown, click on resources and then  select phase 4 and choose any game you fancy.

Have fun!


Today we are going to continue with bar modelling. Below is an image of a bar model that shows the whole number is 8, one of the parts is 2 and the other part is 6. Can you write the two addition number sentences for this one?

Below I have added a sheet for you to try some more where you need to write four addition sentences for each bar model,  if you don't have a printer you can just write your answers on some paper




I would like you to watch the video of my retelling of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. I have uploaded the script for your parents to read to you and then i would like you to learn the actions to go with the story. The yellow sections are the parts that have actions. 



The Three Billy Goats Gruff story words.