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Individual Liberty

Definition: Each person is free to make the choices they think best, within the framework of a given community, whilst ensuring that the good of others is not compromised.

We believe that each of us, as individuals, are of equal worth and value.  Therefore we should be free to make wise choices for the common good.  Sometimes this will bring us into disagreement with each other and we regularly reflect on how our actions impact on others.


Throughout the curriculum and school day we aim to offer appropriate choice for the children.  This can be as simple as choosing their meal at lunchtime, which club they would like to participate in or which method to use in a Maths calculation.  


The homework we set is based on a “menu” approach where the children work alongside their families to select an appropriate activity from the choices offered by the teacher.  Many of these involve the freedom to present their work in a way of their own choosing.