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Thank you for sending me photographs of your ladybird work. Mitchell, your potato prints are super! Freya, I find the different animal noises in 'What the Ladybird Heard' really funny!

Thank you Wilf, super Ladybird work! :-)

Good morning everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed learning about ladybirds last week and found out lots of interesting facts about them. This week we are going to be finding out about dragonflies. Don't forget, if you have a favourite minibeast that you would like to find out more about you could always send me a message on our class blog :-) 


Here are your activities for today 


This week we will be continuing recognising, ordering and counting with numbers to 20. Using the numbers 0-20 from last week, I would like you to go on a number hunt! Ask your grown up to hide the numbers around your house or in your garden. Can you find them all? Once you have found the numbers, can you place them in the correct order from 0-20?  


Watch the Youtube clip below-you will find out lots of interesting facts about Dragonflies! Can you tell me what is interesting about a Dragonfly's wings? Write your answers into a sentence and send your writing to me either as a photograph or a post on our blog. 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge! 

You will need: Paper, your choice of pen/paint

Please could you send me a picture of your own drawing or painting of a dragonfly? Here are some photos to give you ideas. I would love to set up an art gallery on our class page of your work!


Sending lots of love to you all xxx  

Mitchell's dragonfly

Wilf's Dragonfly with tracing paper wings

Dragonflies For Kids

Good morning Reception! How are you all today? I hope you are enjoying finding out about Dragonflies. Did you know that Dragonflies have amazing eyesight? Their eyes wrap around the top of their head and have 50,000 lenses inside them. Wow! 

Here are your activities for today 


You will need: paint, trays, a pencil, paper 

Draw circles on a piece of paper and put different coloured paints in shallow trays. Choose a number between 1-20. Dip your finger in the paint and add that many petals to the circles, making a flower. Can you write the number to match in the middle of the circle? Fill your paper with lovely flowers! 


Can you label a drawing of a dragonfly, using these words- 






Have a wonderful day xx 


Here is a catchy Dragonfly song!

Super work, Freya!

Good Morning boys and girls. I hope you are all OK. Did you enjoy the lovely sunshine yesterday? It was SO hot, wasn't it?! Mrs Varty has lots of new freckles today smiley

Here are your activities for today......


Can you make a Kindness Postcard? Details on how to do this are on our class blog. Once it is completed, take a photograph and send it to me. I would love to read your kind messages  heart



Today I have uploaded a maths mastery Counting to 20 challenge for you to complete with your grown ups. 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge 

Peg Dragonfly 

You will need: A clothes peg, card (or pipe cleaners), googly eyes (or paper), paint, pens 

Today I would like you to make me a clothes peg dragonfly! Use the peg for his body, then draw 4 wings onto card and cut them out, or use pipe cleaners to make the wings if you have some available. Decorate the peg body and then attach eyes to the top. Peg the wings to the body. I can't wait to see what you have made! 


Have a lovely day xx 



Maths activity Thursday

Outdoor learning activities for you to try

Good morning Reception! Here are your final activities for the week smiley Don't forget, there will be no activities next week as it is half term. 



This will be our last day of activities for counting and recognising numbers to 20. Please complete the mastery challenge-there is a link below. I hope you enjoy it! 



This is our final day of Dragonfly activities. Can you describe the dragonfly in the picture below using lots of lovely adjectives (describing words). Don't forget to use the sound mats to help you with tricky spellings. 


Mrs Varty's Traffic Light Challenge! 

Red word staircase 

You will need: your red words, your staircase 

Ask your grown up to put your red words on your staircase. Then, climb the stairs, reading the words as you go! Can you read all of the words before you reach the top? If you would like to, you can send me a video of how you completed the challenge! 


Have a wonderful half term everyone xxx 




Maths activity Friday