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Friday 12th March 


Miss Wilson and I would like to say a huge "Well done my friend", to all of our Reception children. They have worked incredibly hard, this week! It has been such a pleasure to see all of the boys and girls, back in the classroom. 

 In maths, we have used Numicon to develop our understanding of numbers to 10 and 20. We have recognised letters of the alphabet and our tricky words, which we have used in our writing. We have all tried hard to remember our routines in Reception and have been developing our independence when fastening our coats and finding our toys.


We hope you all have a restful weekend smiley

Friday 19th March 


This week, we have been exploring the 'ten-ness' of 10! We have used a 10 frame to make 10, with counters and objects. As an extension task, we made 'teen' numbers by adding two ten frames together. We have continued our discussions on kindness, worries and friendships in whole class carpet times. 

Friday 26th March 


This week, we have been talking about Spring. We have discussed the seasonal changes that we have seen, in our school environment and at home. We looked closely at daffodils and produced some lovely observational paintings, which have been used in our classroom display. We have been pleased to have lots sunny days at school and have enjoyed playing outdoors with our friends. 

Friday 1st of April 


In phonics this week, we have been using our segmenting skills to write words and sentences. We have practised writing the robot family of letters, in our daily handwriting sessions. We have continued to develop our skills in maths, by partitioning a number with the part-part-whole model. 

Happy Easter! 


Miss Wilson and I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter. We have been so impressed by how the children have settled so well back into school and have been really keen to learn. It has been a very busy few weeks! We hope that all of the boys and girls have a very well-deserved rest, over the break.