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Happy Mother's Day from Class 4!

Today, Class 4 made beautiful cards in art. The entire class put a lot of effort into their cards, as the pictures clearly show. Happy Mother's Day to you all, from Mr Quinn and Mrs Skelton. 
Let's skip to the good bit! ➰

This week in Class 4, we have been busy practising our skipping skills. Here is the class practising their long rope skills, in the run in run out skip, and the keep the pot boiling skip. Lots of concentration and co-ordination going on here, well done boys and girls!


Mr Q

🎵 We didn't start the fire ... or did we?



We have been learning lots of interesting things about the Olympics this week. Here is our own Olympic torches we made today in Art.
You been struck by a smooth criminal...🎵
This week in Class 4, we have been getting into our novel 'The Reptile Room' by Lemony Snicket. We transformed our classroom into a crime scene, where the children became detectives for the morning. We all had a lot of fun investigating the crime and reaching a verdict together!
Mini Picassos in the making 🎨
Here are some of the wonderful sketches of Count Olaf, drawn by Class 4 this week in art. 
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