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Week 6

Monday 8th February 2021




Problems of the day


Good morning Class 4. Today, we are going to learn about calculating the area of a 2D shape. Please watch the two videos below, before having a go at the varied fluency questions and extension challenges.

Area demonstration (Turn your volume down, due to muffled background noise)

Still image for this video

Varied fluency



Recently, Mr Stink has been living with Chloe and her family in the garden shed. I would like you to imagine that Mr Stink has been staying in your garden shed and that he has requested a makeover for his new home. You are going to sketch and label Mr Stink's new luxurious garden shed. Here are some things you will need to consider:


What is the shed going to be made from?

What sort of facilities will it have inside?

How much is this renovation going to cost?

Be as creative as you can and try to think outside of the box... or should I say outside of the shed?! I can't wait to see your proposals for Mr Stink's new home, so make sure you email them to our class email.



As an extension task, I would like you to create a description to go with this new creation for it to go on sale in IKEA. Make sure you include as much descriptive language as you can, to really sell the product to a customer!



I would like you to get your business brain ready for this activity. Could you plan a charity event for the school, to raise money for homeless people? Here are some ideas of what your charity event could involve:


  • Teachers have to come to school for a day as the pupils and get taught by the children.
  • Fancy dress day with a specific theme e.g. pyjamas, World book day, Favourite cartoon character or come dressed as a word.


Your plan should have the following headings and subheadings:

  • Charity event name
  • Date and time
  • Plan for the day
  • Activities
  • Donations

Mr Stink Chapter 15

Science - Tooth Decay (8.02.21)

Hi Class 4, This week in Science, we are going to investigate tooth decay and why we need to look after our teeth. Last week, you looked at the structure of an individual tooth and, using that knowledge, we are going to look at what happens to teeth if we don't look after them. I have included two videos for you to watch, which explain the stages of tooth decay and why it is important to clean our teeth. I have also added a video explaining how we can look after our teeth and keep them healthy.

Your task.

After you have watched all 3 videos, I would like you to design a poster for younger children, explaining how to they can look after their teeth. Remember to make your poster colourful and interesting and include lots of helpful ways to take care of their teeth.




Extension Question:

The children in school will be carrying out an investigation to find out which liquid will damage our teeth the most. They will be using eggs to represent our teeth because the shell of the egg is similar to the enamel on our teeth. They are going to leave an egg in each of the liquids for one week and then look at the changes in the egg shell. They are then going to record which liquid has done the most damage to the shells. The liquids they will be testing are: Milk, cola, water, fresh orange juice, blackcurrant juice and vinegar.


My question to you is: Which of these 6 liquids will damage the egg shell the most?

Make a prediction, using your knowledge of tooth decay to help you, and we will share the class results at the end of the week.

Mrs M. smiley

Tuesday 9th February 2021




Problems of the day


Area Example Tuesday (Turn your volume down, due to muffled background noise)

Still image for this video

Varied fluency



Hi Year 4. Today, we are going to learn about adding prefixes and suffixes to words to enhance our vocabulary and writing. Please watch the explanation video below before having a go at sorting the different words on the uploaded worksheet.

English Language Learning Tips - Prefixes and Suffixes

English language learning tips from Cambridge English Language Assessment.In this clip learn about Prefixes and Suffixes, content useful for all exams.This c...



Please read the following comprehension and answer the 7 questions on the last page of the PDF document. 

Mr Stink Chapter 16



PE with Mrs. C!

Happy Tuesday year 4! Enjoy PE.


Wednesday 10th February 2021




Problems of the day


Varied fluency



Today, you are going to write a diary entry as Mr Stink. Your diary entry should focus on a day in the life of Mr Stink living in a shed. What does Mr Stink do throughout the day to pass the time? Does he play any games? Does he speak to the Duchess? The choice is yours! You are going to make his day as exciting as possible, but he has to stay inside the shed.



This week you are going to create your own volcano model. I have uploaded a video below that explains the different steps involved in this experiment. All you will need to start you off is: an empty bottle (preferably a 2 litre one), newspaper, paper and glue. If you have any paint at home feel free to paint the structure to brighten it up - but don't worry this part is optional!


After this, you will need the following to make the volcano erupt: vinegar,  red food colouring and baking soda. Watch the video again for the different stages involved in this. Make sure an adult videos the eruption or takes pictures as I would love to see your experiments myself!

Volcano Model Making & Volcano Eruption Experiment

This video is about how to make a volcano model which can be used in teaching and learning process.It contains a step by step process in making a Volcano mod...

Mr Stink Chapter 17

Thursday 11th February 2021




Problems of the day



Here is a short assessment to see how well you have understood this week's work on area. I have also uploaded the answers so please ask an adult to mark your work afterwards.


Thursday's Maths Demonstration: Area

Still image for this video

Varied fluency



I would like you to come up with your own script, containing a conversation between the presenter and Mr Stink on Question Time. Remember, this show is about politics and usually the host asks the politicians some rather challenging questions. As this is a conversation, the dialogue must have inverted commas at the start and end of the direct speech. Here is my example where I have added some Mr Stink style humour.


Presenter: "So Mr Stink, what do think is the biggest challenge facing politicians at the moment?"

Mr Stink: "Supermarkets running out of sausages, we should make this illegal."


Presenter: "Ehm right. Well, getting back to my original question, what does the UK need right now?"


Mr Stink: "Unlimited sausages. Unlimited unlimited sausages!!".


Mrs Crumb: "If I could interject Mr Presenter.."


Presenter: "My name's Andrew, you can call me Andrew Mrs Crumb."


Mrs Crumb: "Well Mr Presenter I think that hoodies should be banned unless the hoods have been cut off."


Mr Stink: "Is there any sausages in the studio Mr Presenter Andrew man?"


Presenter: "Why don't we go to a break everyone. Join us after the break for more important discussions, about some of the issues facing the United Kingdom today."


Design and Technology


Here is a quick DT activity that will let you build the structure of a volcano. If you don't have access to a printer, you can make your own and make it as big as you like!




Have you anything around the house that could be used to construct a volcano? How tall can you make it?

Mr Stink Chapter 18



RE with Mrs. C!

Happy Thursday year 4! Enjoy RE. smiley


Friday 12th February 2021



Problems of the day



Mr Stink Chapter 19

Mr Stink Chapter 20